Stones and Signs –

Stones and Signs: Often we relate the energies or even our behaviors with the horoscope or the stars, but the truth is that much closer there are also elements that throughout history have aroused the curiosity and superstition of many civilizations. The stones and minerals they have been and are the object of desire, but also a source of belief and energy for many. Many cultures and religions have used stones both as personal adornment and for amplify spiritual power.

The stones associated with each sign that can fill with shine and improve the well-being of the person who uses them. These birthstones resonate with large scale aspects in our life such as love, health, abundance or protection. It is an ingrained belief that our birthstone or gem will bring us luck, and that gemstone power enhances our native talents and attributes.

Birthstones and Signs: Aries – Garnet

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which is why they have a born impulsiveness that makes them lead and take the initiative in any situation. One of the defects of this zodiacal sign is its temperament and that sometimes they can be a bit explosive, for this reason the garnet quartz or any in red tones is ideal for this sign, as it will help you channel your emotions.

Stones and Signs: Taurus – Rose Quartz

This zodiac sign is known for its strength and firmness when it comes to making decisions. As a good Earth sign, your main strength is decision-making through reason. However, his weak point is the connection with his emotional side. The pink quartz is he love quartz and the connection with the emotions, that is why it is the perfect quartz for Tauruswhich will help you connect with your feelings.

Gemini – Amber

This zodiac sign is one of the most energetic and dynamic, they are always looking for mental stimuli that challenge them and lead them to learn new things. However, sometimes they need a little calm and tranquility to get in touch with themselves and to reduce the energy that sometimes invades them from the outside. amber gives them calm and stability, is the perfect quartz for them.

Cancer – Jade

They are one of the most emotional signs, but at the same time they face many problems with pessimism and depression. The quartz or jade stone It is ideal because it helps them to enter into balance and harmony with their emotions so as not to get carried away by negativity. Being so sensitive, any emotion or feeling can overwhelm them, they need relaxing colors and a quartz like jade is ideal.

Birthstones and Signs: Leo – Citrine Quartz

East Zodiac sign It is known for its way of shining and standing out among those around them. This way of being sometimes causes a lot of envy, that’s why his ideal quartz is citrine. Likewise, they also need these soft tones to reduce a little the arrogance and pride of which they are sometimes victims. It helps them protect themselves.

Virgo – Quartz jasper

This sign is highly methodical and organized, so they need a quartz that protects them instability and daily distractions. This zodiac sign needs to have everything under control and under supervision, east quartz It provides them with confidence, tranquility and stability. Jasper quartz protects their goals and detoxifies them from envy and bad energies.

Libra – Aquamarine Quartz

This sign is known for being scattered and uncommitted, however, it can be taken as a strength if we analyze the fact that it can easily adapt to any situation and to any person. The aquamarine quartz It helps them balance their emotions and protects them from any bad influences or bad intentions that those around them may have.

Scorpio – Lapiz Lazuli

This sign is one of the most complex and at the same time distrustful and a bit closed to people. The lapis lazuli quartz It helps them to be a little more confident and safe to expose their emotions and their way of experiencing the world. the quartz subdued help them explore their own emotions for a better understanding of themselves.

Sagittarius – Sugilite Quartz

Like any fire sign, they tend to lead and be the center of attention in meetings, they are very good at socializing but they can also be very impatient and intolerant. sugilite quartz It helps you stabilize and control this large amount of energy. The quartz Sugilite brings peace, stability and protection to your environment and your energy.

Capricorn – Obsidian

This is one of the strongest and most territorial signs. Their tenacity keeps them always firm in their goals. Sometimes they need to keep in mind a little more harmony and fun without losing sight of their goals. Obsidian quartz protects you from being too stubborn but helps you maintain balance in your life. Obsidian is one of the most powerful quartz and they are ideal for a sign as strong as Capricorn.

Aquarius – Malachite quartz

The Aquarius sign is primarily adventurous, visionary, and rebellious. That freedom of spirit needs to be protected. malachite quartz It helps them with the energy of change and transformation while protecting them from envy and bad vibes, helping them to connect with their commitment and with mental balance.

Pisces – White Quartz

White quartz is the most powerful that exists and the Pisces sign is the most complex of the zodiac, being the last one it has a bit of all the zodiac signs, for which it needs maximum protection and a lot of stability to protect the emotional world they inhabit.

Remember that each quartz has a purpose. Also that you must establish a bond with your quartz so that the protection is greater.