They are the inevitable complement of a “look” and one of the most famous fetishes of women: shoes. High heels, stilettos, platform, sports… there is always room for one more pair. So, now we will tell you what the latest trends are, so you can add some style to your spring-summer 2018. The trend points to a variety of styles, colors and designs. Take notes, make your list and go shopping!

As soon as winter is gone, we immediately leave behind garments, scarves and boots to open up to the freshness of spring and the summer heat. Comfortable sandals and shoes come to mind. This 2018 brings back the 90s and adds innovative touches that include closed shoes, sandals, espadrilles, clogs, boots, among others.

One of the essentials of this season are the “Mules”, they were protagonists in the 90s. They are half Swedish, half sandals, their peculiarity is that they only cover the front part of the foot, thus leaving the heel exposed; the heel can be thick or thin, high or low. This footwear can match more elegant clothes. They were immortalized by Sarah Jessica Parker, in her role as Carrie Bradshaw of the series “Sex in the City”. You can find from elegant and sophisticated designs to colorful and extravagant ones.

Now, if you are looking for a beach style, espadrilles come in different styles and materials such as natural fibers (cotton, canvas and leather), prints and are unisex. Strip sandals will come in different styles, with multiple strips, thin, with or without buckles, thick, etc. The most popular ones will be the ones that are tied from the ankle and surround the leg up to the knees. These will be perfect, if accompanied by a dress or shorts.

But if you are one of those who even in summer loves to show off boots, don’t worry, because boots are the best cowboy style, and you can wear them for a casual look. Stilettos show a more sensitive style that will stay all summer, sharp-toed shoes, square and medium heels and a bow on the tip, definitely elegant and versatile.

About the chromatic circle that will lead this season, it will be broad and will range from light colors such as white, sand, cream and ivory to the most intense shades such as red, fuchsia, orange, blue, green in all its shades and colors. Metallic gold will shine. Embroidery and flowers will also leave traces.

Finally, although accessories are a separate world, without a doubt, shoes are a completely different universe. In this sense, both purses and shoes take any “outfit” to another level. This spring-summer 2018, the keywords will be comfort, elegance and versatility. Find the option that best suits your style and enjoy looking comfortable, beautiful and fashionable.