From the beginning of humanity, the spiritual meaning of the jewels has been associated with a mystical connotation. This is because, the value obtained in different cultures, those who have linked their different beliefs over many centuries relating them with different symbols.

Of them very intense psychic broadcasts are received, although many people do not get to perceive them; So while some see them as decorative things; for others, the spiritual meaning of the jewelry represents a real protection against bad energies; also the link to the good vibes.

Spiritual meaning of gold jewelry: to be the most precious metal in the world, it symbolizes wealth and power; also it produces a very high energy. Wear a gold ring on the ring finger, rejects negative influences. Similarly earrings in this material increase the protection, watering the current, in the space where the person is.

Gold and silver necklaces: necklace made from these metals, have a special meaning; as around the neck of the person, bringing defense against the evil forces. On the other hand, it attracts an aura of charm around subjugating those who are nearby.

Bracelets in gold, silver and steel: wearing this jewelry helps to control energy. If you wear them in the left wrist, they will attract luck; if you use it in right, it will conquer prosperity.

Similarly, precious stones symbolize spiritual light in our hearts, keeping in touch with our bodies. From there flows importance, not only as a luxury or distinction, but also as sacred allegories.

Amethyst: radiates vitality providing appropriate balance to the person carrying a jewel with this stone. It has the unique quality of being psychic regenerating, bringing wisdom in times of unrest.

black-amber: powerful protector as an amulet, since ancient times. It is a shield against negative forces, whose popularity continues today against the evil eye, and demonic energies.

Quartz: This stone regenerates the aura, stimulating clarity, leveling the spiritual axis. Carrying a quartz jewel activates our environment, giving us peace and harmony.

Diamond: Diamond jewelry look, means an exquisite symbol of strength, enveloping us in perfection and triumph. Shines given off by this stone, become powerful spiritual rays.

Jade: nothing compares with this extraordinary stone; it is symbolizing justice, courage and wisdom. Since ancient times, it is a gem of emotions, used in amulets; jade jewelry, stick with a spiritual energy so powerful, it has been used in countless rituals throughout history; It is a sacred stone in China and elsewhere; also in the incredible Mayan culture, jade exists as a jewel with a spiritual significance that has marked these peoples.

The spiritual meaning of the jewels is considered as the mystery of beautiful garments that adorn our appearance. Unlike other objects, they have something special, allowing a connection to our soul; perhaps it occurs by the alliance with Mother Nature, and our sensibilities as human beings.