Spells to find work: Know rituals and amulets

Spells to find a job: Getting a job is not always an easy task, considering the great amount of competition in the market. Nevertheless, for this and some other everyday problems in a person’s lifethere are some rituals or spells typical of white magic and, although it is true that some consider this type of practice as deceitful and ineffective, there are still those who fully trust in its power, and they put all their hopes in these acts. If you haven’t been successful in your job search so far and want to try something different, we show you an amazing ritual.

basic ritual


  • 1 candle blue
  • A leaf white
  • 1 pencil either ballpoint


You must start writing on the white sheet the job of your dreams, being very detailed in your request; You must put the name of the position in which you would like to be hired, the company you want to enter (if you have it clear), and the salary you expect to receive for that job.

Once you finish writing all your wish on the sheet, you must light the blue candle and put it right next to the paper so that the energy of the color of the candle begins to merge with the work desire that is embodied of your own handwriting.

You must stare at the flame for a few minutes thinking about everything you wrote on the page and visualizing yourself in that new job, because in this way you will be able to attract good vibes towards you.

Once you finish observing the flame and visualize what could be your new job, you should say the following: “I (say your full name with surnames) have decided that today I deserve better. I deserve a good job, one with a stable and good salary. cosmic energies of the universe, I know you are great and powerfulI know that they will be able to help me get that job that I need so much.

Later, after having recited the prayer to activate the spell, take the sheet of paper where your professional dream is embodied and burn it with the candle. Finally collect the ashes and bury them in a place near the place where the job you hope to get is located, and extinguish the flame of the candle with your fingers or with a spoon, never blowingso that the effect is what you expect.


This ritual serves both to attract a good job, and to get a pay rise or a promotion if you already have a job to work for.

To make it, you will need the following materials:

  • Salt Marine
  • A dish empty
  • 1 candle Green color
  • 1 pin or a knife to write on the candle
  • A bunch of rice
  • 1 bag small cloth to put the rice


In a table, spread the sea salt in a circle; inside this circle is where you will perform all the spell to find work.

When you have it ready, place the empty plate in the middle of the circle. Take the green candle, and write your name on it from top to bottomyour surnames, and the phrase Work Orobal.

Put the candle in the middle of the plate, and light it. Take the handful of rice, and put it on the left side of the plate, outside of it, but inside the circle of salt.

then you must let the candle burn out completelytrying to avoid air currents so that it does not turn off.

Once the candle has been completely consumed, take the handful of rice and put it in your bagtying it very tight so that the rice does not escape.

Keep this bag in place where do you keep your socks or your shoes for the amulet to take effect, and the rest of the materials (the salt, the consumed candle, and the plate) throw them in the trash.

This ritual has a huge effect in attracting employment and prosperity to our lives, and you can do it any day of the week or month.

But it is better that you do it one day when you know that no one is going to bother youand that no one can pass by the candle until it is consumed so that it does not go out.

If you want, you can repeat this spell every 15 days (not before), and in this way you will recharge the bag with more energy each time you do it so that it is more effective.

Spell to attract work into your life

This is a simple job finding spell that you can do for yourself if you are the one who needs a job, or do it for someone else if you know someone you love who urgently needs to find a job.

What you will need to do it is:

  • 1 candle White color
  • A sheet or paper
  • 1 pencil or pen
  • 1 coin silver or copper color


Take a piece of paper, and write your name (or the name of the person you want to help), and behind the paper, write the date of birth.

Light your white candle, and place the paper on the left side of the candle. Put the coin you have chosen on top of the paper with the name and date of birth.

Once this is done, summon the energy you have the most faith in; it can be a saint or a saint, to the Cosmos, to the Universe, to magic, etc., and ask for what you want, really believing that it will happen.

Let the candle burn out, throw it in the trash, take the paper with the coin, and place them anywhere in your house that you prefer

Leave them there until you get what you wish forand when you already have the job, take the paper, dip it in water and throw it away, and give the coin to another person to whom you want luck to smile.