Spell to remove a person from work, home and others (ritual)

Spell to get rid of a person Sometimes there are people in our lives that annoy us and make us feel bad at work, home, etc. or they can even be a negative influence on us, since they are leading us astray! Hence the need for them to move away as soon as possible.

Here we detail a series of spells and rituals that are intended to remove that undesirable person. However, it is important to make sure that you do not hold ill will towards the person. Just because you want someone out of your life doesn’t mean you have to hate them. If you hate them, these rituals and spells are not for you!

Let’s see, then, spell to remove a person and ritual to remove a person.


How to get rid of an undesirable person with effective spells

Spell to ward off an undesirable person #1 With coarse salt

This is undoubtedly one of the most powerful spells to ward off an undesirable person, since coarse salt is very powerful.


1 handful of coarse salt or fine salt if you don’t have the thickness


if you have that neighbour or friend who does not leave your house, or has been disrupting your life in a negative way and you want that person to get away from you (without hurting him), it is very simple.

Take some coarse salt and place it on your neighbor’s door or on a path where you pass and ask San Cipriano to keep this unwanted person away from you.

Imagine that it is someone who is your job, you can carry a little coarse or fine salt in your pocket and when you pass by the person or the place where they are used to, do the same, put salt on them without anyone seeing and pray to San Cipriano for Get rid of that person once and for all. «Dear San Cipriano, remove this person from my life once and for all.»


Spell to keep a person away from work # 2 With candles

Candles are powerful vibrational elements that intensify your desires and intentions. If you use a dark green color, it will provide you with the necessary energy to achieve what you want, which in this case would be to remove a negative person from your life.

Before lighting the candle you must clean it well to neutralize the energies of those who have touched it before; The easiest way to do this is with a damp sponge using soap and water, then you can dry it with a towel.

And finally, if you can’t find dark green candles, use white ones; never replace them with a different color, as each shade has a specific purpose.

You need:

A dark green candle (or white if you can’t find it)

a chandelier

Wooden matches.

A candle snuffer


Use only new candles and always light them for the same purpose. This does not mean that once the objective is reached you cannot turn them on again; you can, but just for decorative purposes.


Take a moment to meditate and relax, remove any negative thoughts towards that person from your mind. Don’t worry, it may be a bit difficult at first, but with time and practice it will become easier. Put the candle in the candlestick and light it. Repeat the relaxation exercise again.

When you feel ready, repeat six times: “I forgive you for all the bad times you have made me live. Forgive me for those troubles that I have caused you. There are no hard feelings between the two; I just want you to stay away since you are a bad influence in my life. I want (person’s name) out of my life.

Blow out the candle, do not blow on it or use your fingers, as you will break the magic; use the candle snuffer or some metal object, such as a spoon that you no longer use, to do this. Keep all items in a private place. Perform this ceremony for nine days or nine consecutive nights, starting on a Friday. Previously check that they do not coincide with the new moon.

While the ritual lasts, it is important to prevent other people from manipulating these elements, since the candle is charged with your vibrations and, when it is taken by someone else, it will be impregnated with its energy.


Spell to remove a person from my house # 3 With a white cup

Buy a white mug and pour some water into it. Cover with a saucer and let stand overnight. In the morning, take the cup of water in your hands and say to him as if you were talking to him: “As the waves of the sea come, hit the rock and return, so (say the name of the person) will leave my life. “

Then pour the water into a vase and go back to using the cup as usual.


Spell to ward off a person #3 With incense

On any day of the week, when you can stay in a quiet place, without noise, do this spell. Lie down, relax for 15 minutes, always keeping your eyes closed and reflecting in your memory the face of each person you consider your enemy.

After that, light an incense preferably from rue and keep the ashes in a small matchbox.

Take this box with you and every time you find those people you want to get rid of your life, covertly throw a pinch of ash, until it’s all over.


Spell to ward off a person #4 with lemon balm

Necessary material:
1 handful of lemon balm
A piece of white cloth
1 sheet of paper with the person’s name

How to prepare:
Make a bag with the cloth, put the grass and the paper with the person’s name inside.
When leaving home, take this package and place it on a dry plant or dry tree, making your request.

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Spell to drive away a person # 5 with incense and garnet

On the first Sunday of the month, the smoke from the incense of lavender around a garnet stone and then do the same around your body, being careful not to burn yourself on the embers. Let the incense burn to the end, collect the ashes that have fallen on the ground and blow the wind from your bedroom window. Use the stone as an amulet, always carrying it with you. This spell is performed when there are several negative people that you want to remove from your life.


Ritual to drive away a person

Those who wish to stop being bothered by obsessive admirers or people who harass for some benefit (salesmen or people who ask for a favor that cannot be fulfilled for example), all they have to do is write with a marker, pen, etc. ., the person’s full name on a piece of rhubarb root and then bury it on the bank of a stream, creek or creek that is as far away as possible from the house.


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