Throughout history, people have been attracted to knowing what the future holds. That innate curiosity of humans makes them resort to various methods to clarify their future..

The various practices to divine the future or clarify the past is called «mantic» which means divination.. Since the origin of humanity, various methods of clairvoyance have been used to cover the need of the human being to know about his future.

One of the most traditional methods is the horoscopewhich based on your zodiac sign and the position of the stars make predictions about your future. This divinatory method is called astromancy.”, which means divination through the stars.

Cartomancy is the art of guessing through cards, for this divination method a set of 32 cards from the Spanish deck is required. Cups and clubs are a good sign, while figures of gold and swords are usually a bad omen. The figures of cups and gold refer to white and blond people, those of sword and wand brown and dark brown.

Of all the divination techniques, cartomancy and astrology have survived the passage of time, being the most required along with the horoscope.

Another type of cards used for divination are those of the tarot. It is done with a deck of cards of various designs, divided into 2 decks. Each card has a predetermined meaning. Depending on the position of the image the interpretation is different.

The most modern method is the pendulum, which works to ask specific questions that can be answered with a «yes» or a «no».obtaining answers according to the type of movement made by the pendulum.

The runes are a method of interpreting the symbols of the ancient Celtic alphabet. Each symbol has a meaning similar to that of the tarot cards.

The I Ching is a means of finding answers to any question posed. Lately it has increased in popularity,

In China it is known as the «Book of mutations». It is a way to get random results. It consists of throwing some wands that must fall on a hexagram and to decipher the message, the reference book is used to interpret its meaning.

Divination through a crystal ball is called chromniomancy and it is one of the most primitive divinatory methods that exists.. It consists of observing the ball that is placed on a black cloth; the seer captures colors, movements and figures within the crystal and interprets them.

These are just some of the divinatory methods, there are many more such as coffee reading, palm reading or palmistry, tobacco reading, numerology, oracles, water contemplation, divination with coins, among others.

Possibly it does not depend on the chosen method but on the ability of the clairvoyant, the faith of the person who consults, the inherited gifts, chance and other factors, which have an influence on the prediction of the future.