We know that a solitaire ring It consists of a metal ring, which is usually gold, and which is embedded with a precious stone. But do you know what this type of ring means? If you are interested in knowing the meaning of this jewel, then pay attention to the following information and you will understand the importance of an object, which can be with you for many years, since it represents important events in your life.

Since ancient times the solitaire ring is associated with the commitment, loyalty and fidelity of the people who wear it, and traditionally symbolizes the custom of the marriage proposal. In addition, most marriages have a particular story that began with the gift of a solitaire ring, as a symbol of expression of love, respect, admiration and desire to share a life with that special person you love. and that is associated with assuming the commitment of a serious and lasting relationship.

If we look into history, and take a tour of the world of kings and queens, we find that the first solitaire ring, existed on the finger of Maria de Borgoña. Who wore a precious diamond ring given to him in 1477 by Maximilian I of Austria, who was the Holy Roman Emperor and King of the Romans. But it would be thanks to the Tiffani jewelry brand that this ring would become popular, which in the world of jewelry it means that you have a single stone, usually a diamondbut they are usually designed with sapphires, emeralds, rubies, among other precious stones.

In this way, it is understood that any jewel with a single stone set is a solitaire, but it does not necessarily have to be a ring, since there are people who prefer to wear this type of garment in an earring, a bracelet, a bracelet or a necklace. However, the ring is par excellence the piece of jewelry that most consider as a solitaire to symbolize the commitment and loyalty between two people; or for another type of event that has a special significance, such as graduations, anniversaries, baptisms, fifteen years, etc.

In relation to the stone that accompanies a solitaire ring, as was said, it is the diamond, because This gem is related to strength, eternity, durability and purity., making it a perfect symbol for relationships. Although, when it comes to graduation rings, for example, the choice of stone is much more varied.

An important aspect in relation to the solitaire ring, it is the finger on which it is placed, which according to tradition is the ring finger. Because, since the time of ancient Rome, it was said that a vein linked the heart with the ring finger, and they called it «vein of love», and for this reason, the ring for engagements began to be placed on this finger, a tradition that has been maintained for centuries.

Also, the engagement ring must be placed on the left handSo this is the side of the heart. Organ associated with love since ancient times; and that makes the most sublime feelings flow between two people who want to form a stable family and live together for the rest of their lives, although in many cases that does not come to pass.

Engagement rings are not the only type of solitaire ring, but the most popular and used, white gold being the most used metal in its preparationalthough yellow gold is a good option, as well as the color red.

Also, There is not only the solitaire engagement ring that is given to women, but we also have the solitaire for men, but it does not symbolize love, but is used as a fashion accessory, which highlights the aesthetic, so that more and more men carry them in their hands. As a general rule, they are made with strong designs that highlight power and manliness; with less refined lines that require the use of more precious metals, especially yellow gold, compared to engagement rings.

On the other hand, the solitaire ring chosen for graduations can present a wide variety of models, which will depend in many cases on the educational level, even, in some countries, the color of the stone depends on the university degree in which the person has graduated. In fact, some studios have their own designs, images, stones and colors, creating a unique model for men and women.

Therefore, the solitaire ring, whatever its purpose, carries with it a strong emotional meaning, because it represents the achievements obtained on a sentimental, social, professional level, etc., so it is not just another jewel, but a garment. through which its bearer identifies himself and transmits information about himself, to the rest of the people in the environment where he operates.