Within astrology, the astral chart is not the only valid thing to know the future, because, the solar return is a complementary technique to said letter that must be carried out once a year, just a few days or a month before the birthday; The reason for being is that astrological calculations are handled by cycles, since that is how the planets move. Therefore, the solar revolution is defined and calculated when the sun makes a complete return, when it arrives at the exact position of the natal position; determining this astrological cycle as the most important.

If the natal chart is a photo of the sky when a person is born, the solar return is a photo of the sky just on the day of the birthday; therefore, if a person’s birthday is in October, his solar return will span from October to October. So, it must be said that the important events will occur those days before the birthday date and in it the trends of the cycle that is going to begin will be seen and the way that person will feel in the 365 days that are to come. .

There are astrologers who disqualify the technique of solar return, because they think that it does not work, perhaps for that reason it was abandoned for many years; but from the investigations that Volgine began to do, a renowned astrologer, this technique began to have a satisfactory boom, since in the solar revolution, all the planets are influencing the chart. In addition, in the reading of said revolution, the most important transits of the planets in each house are seen, and likewise, many psychological aspects of people are handled.

Now, the solar revolution is calculated according to the position of the place, latitude and longitude in which the person is, at the exact moment in which the sun reaches the same point as the day of birth, but the time should not be used in that was born and it is recommended to do this calculation with a computer and a good program.

The so-called solar revolution expresses a life plan, evolutionary cycles, is a kind of annual map that gives the possibility of fulfilling and accomplish tasks assigned by the position of the sun; since year after year, this star will be located in different areas or houses of said astral chart that will touch on the different themes of life; Due to this, the specialists mention the calculation of this technique as a script of the coming year, being the guide, the sun.

This auxiliary card, one of the most important, will give the consultant the necessary tools to handle, for a year, the most outstanding aspects and what you are most interested in changing, reinforcing or what most attracts your attention, since you will be able to know the influences and energies of the various planets, and thus successfully handle great difficulties. Therefore, if you want to expand and know its astrological aspects, go ahead and do the solar revolution.