In astrology, understanding the meaning of the planets leads us to understand how the movement of the planets affects us. Well, each one influences a different part of our personality. This is how, despite the fact that each planet embodies the energy of a specific sign in the zodiac, each aspect of the cosmos is present in us.

This is something that we can know in detail because we all have a unique birth chart. Which tells us precisely where each planet and constellation was in the sky at the time of our birth.

Another detail to keep in mind is that the inner planets (sun, moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus) move quickly through the zodiac. Affecting us on a more personal and intimate level, that is, our daily life, mood and our habits.

For their part, the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto) move more slowly through the zodiac, taking seven years or more to change signs. Shaping the most important trends in our lives, as a result. In fact, planets like Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto orbit the sun so slowly that they affect and shape entire generations. Next, let’s find out the meaning of the planets in astrology.

The Sun, Moon and Pluto as planets

Although it may seem strange that, in the following list, both the Moon and the Sun are called planets, being in fact luminous bodies. This is because astrology works from the geocentric perspective. That is, where our planet is in the center of the system and is set as a central reference point. For which the rest of the other planets and their movements are observed considering our planet as a fixed axis, although this is apparently.

On the other hand, although Pluto is now in the category of dwarf planets, in astrology we have to take its influence into account.

How is the meaning of the planets used in astrology?

Each planet symbolizes something in all of our lives and is a universal component of our experiences. But they also govern different parts of our psyche. Among them, desires and needs that make us who we are. Therefore, through our natal chart we can get our own personal combination of signs, planet locations and houses. What represents a portrait of us and that can be obtained from the study of the heavens during the moment of our birth.

List and meaning of the planets

Without further ado, let’s briefly review the meaning of the planets in astrological terms.

Meaning of the Sun in astrology

Transit time between signs: 1 month

governing sign: Leo

planet of: the ego, the basic personality, our vitality, strength, energy, self-assertion, the conscious mind.

The Sun is the center of the universe and in astrology it is the center of ourselves, it symbolizes our true personality and character. The sun gives us insight into how people make their decisions and why they do what they do.

Meaning of the Moon in astrology

Transit time between signs: 2-3 days

governing sign: Cancer

planet of: moods, emotions, unconsciousness, instincts, feminine energy, habits.

The emotionally driven Moon is the sensitive, empathetic, nurturing and nostalgic mother figure of the zodiac. It represents our inner feelings and emotions, the darkest and most vulnerable sides of ourselves. It determines how we process our feelings, moods and how we adapt to changes.

Significance of Mercury in astrology

Transit time between signs: 3-4 weeks

Signs that governs: Gemini, Virgo

planet of: the mind, communication, expression, intellect, reason, language, Intelligence.

This planet symbolizes reason and shows us the way we communicate, how we learn and how we think. Mercury is known as the messenger of the gods. So it stands to reason that our communication style and the way we process and exchange information are his problems.

Meaning of Venus in astrology

Transit time between signs: 4-5 weeks

Signs that governs: Taurus, Libra

planet of: attraction, love, romance, relationships, art, beauty, harmony.

The planet Venus is named after the goddess of love, so she loves to love and immerse herself in aesthetics and beauty. She symbolizes the concepts of beauty, love and sexuality. But she also determines how we give and receive love, sociability and what we find pleasant and beautiful.

Meaning of Mars in astrology

Transit time between signs: 6-7 weeks

governing sign: Aries

planet of: aggression, drive, sex, action, desire, competition, courage, passion.

Mars represents our wild and animal part, from our aggression and volatility, as well as the sense of competition. Mars tells us what drives a person to act and what they are passionate about. But it also shows us how we pursue our goals and what our sexual energy and libido are like.

Jupiter meaning in astrology

Transit time between signs: 12-13 months

governing sign: Sagittarius

planet of: Luck, growth, wisdom, expansion, optimism, abundance, understanding.

The planet Jupiter represents our sense of optimism, hope and growth. It shows us how a person finds happiness and purpose, as well as where in life they might have the luckiest.

Meaning of Saturn in astrology

Transit time between signs: 2-3 years

Signs that governs: Capricorn

Words of: the structure, the law, the restrictions, the discipline, the responsibility, the obligation, the ambition.

Saturn is the planet of restriction, of reality, where we begin to see our limitations. This planet tells us about a person’s obstacles, but also where and how he can be disciplined and where his greatest responsibilities lie.

Meaning of Uranus in astrology

Transit time between signs: 7 years

governing sign: Aquarium

planet of: originality, unpredictable changes, rebellion, reforms.

Uranus is the planet of sudden inspiration and change, of eccentricity and openness. In one’s natal chart, Uranus shows us where in life they may experience these kinds of sudden changes.

Significance of Neptune in astrology

Transit time between signs: 10-12 years

governing sign: pisces

planet of: dreams, intuition, mysticism, imagination, delusions.

The planet Neptune represents the most mystical side of our nature: our dreams, our intuition and imagination. This planet will show us a person’s dreams, as well as her delusions, and where she is most creative.

Meaning of Pluto in astrology

Transit time between signs: 12-15 years

governing sign: Scorpio

planet of: transformation, power, death, rebirth, evolution.

The planet Pluto symbolizes power and transcendence. It shows us how a person handles power, as well as our ability to deal with rebirth, and the concept of death and rebirth.