It is not a secret for any woman that sensual lingerie is the women’s clothing preferred by gentlemen. Filled with beautiful details, prints and lace fabrics, this lingerie is capable of putting any man back in love. She gives her partner the pleasure of seeing her different and daring, with spectacular lingerie that will leave him speechless.

There are many types of lingerie, depending on your taste and the shape of your body. To enhance your beauty it is important to know what type of lingerie is best for your figure, and with some suggestions your decision will be easier.

Some women have a very small waist, they are plump or there is something in the abdomen area that bothers them a little, for this the best solution is the corset. The corset will give you a more pronounced silhouette, in addition to giving style to your lingerie.

The «bra», this factor is the most important when choosing lingerie. Depending on your bust, you should choose the one that suits you best, or that enhances this attribute the most. Among the models that exist is the one that has padding, perfect for those girls with little bust who want to enhance it; but if, on the other hand, you have a fairly pronounced neckline, the best recommendation is unpadded bras. To enhance your neckline in this case, use those that leave very little to the imagination, those that are transparent, with lace, or why not?, without a “bra”.

Bodysuits are a very sensual option, and they can be used if they don’t feel so comfortable with their body or don’t want to show much. There are different options, among which those with a large opening at the neckline stand out, which will enhance your bust; there are those that are open all the way back, these are perfect for women who want to show off the beauty of their back. These «bodys» bring quite sensual «pantyhose», either in «bikinis» or with quite daring lace.

Translucent «pantyhose» are perfect for those confident women who do not mind showing off the beauty of their body in «sexy» lingerie. There are several options to choose from, in addition to the «sexy» translucent ones, there are those type of thread or quite small «bikinis».

Kimonos are made for all types of women, from the most daring to those who don’t like to show much. Forget the long granny robes, these kimonos are an excellent option, so that before going to sleep, she gives her husband a surprise of what she wears under it.

Stockings are an accessory that should not be missing, it will drive your partner crazy. Stockings will make your lingerie look more daring; In addition to giving her that bold touch, they will hide any imperfections on her legs. Whether with straps, black or white, they will undoubtedly give a special touch to the whole outfit.

You do not need any special occasion to surprise your partner, you will definitely be delighted, if you choose a sexy and daring lingerie to surprise him, what are you waiting for?