Each year, the planet Mercury enters retrograde in the signs belonging to an element; it is a retrogression cycle, in which the star appears to be rotating backwards. In 2016, it does so in the earth signs: capricorn, taurus and virgo; deriving delays and frustrations in different aspects corresponding to these signs of the zodiac.

The 2016 mercury retrograde period indicates the closure of a nine-year stage, which began in 2008. It is recommended that if you belong to an earth sign, take the appropriate measures to solve the eventualities presented, maintaining strength and not surpassing the limits marked by life.

«Mercury retrograde earth» distorts reality that is inspired by the practicality of usefulness in existence. It is important to restructure, rebuild, recapitulate, rethink, reconsider, and redo; taking into consideration the concrete and intangible things related to the goals set.

The first phase of retrogradation will be on January 5, when Mercury stops at 1° 01′ of Aquarius; marching on the 25th of that month and remaining in the sign of capricorn at 14° 58′. It begins in Aquarius, manifesting many unexpected changes: chaos, disorder, speed in things where there should be calm; however, it will stop suddenly, at the least expected moment.

Capricorn will be the first to suffer the consequences of mercury retrograde. This sign, represented by the mountain goat, will have to fight hard to crystallize its purposes; he must search within his soul for the necessary faith to face the circumstances; there is no doubt that he reaches his task, due to the firmness that characterizes him.

On April 28, it is paralyzed at 23° 34′ of Taurus, being retrograde in it, until May 22, acquiring again 14° 21′; which means a fairly strong retrogradation, with a double consequence for the intrepid and rebellious bull, who is used to never stopping. With which you must reevaluate everything that provides you with the greatest possible security, clinging to material and spiritual stability; It is the right time to leave stubbornness behind, focusing on managing changes in a subtle way.

The third discharge of retrograde mercury will be on August 30, 2016 in the sign of Virgo at 29° 03′, extending, inclusive, to September 22 with 14° 49′. People born under the stigma of Virgo will have to carefully examine the aspects with which they lead their lives; placing enthusiasm in the construction of clear objectives, adjusted to the scenario where they unfold.

Mercury retrograde points to capricorn again in the last retrogradation of the year, on December 19. This time it is at 15° 06′, until January 8, 2017 at 28° 51′. On the “YouTube” channel “Kitty Bracho”, they make recommendations regarding retrograde mercury.

During the time that Mercury remains retrograde, it is essential to be able to maintain a positive attitude, regardless of your ruling sign; since the influence of this planet affects all people, in one way or another.