Scorpio Jealousy: What You Should Know

Don’t blame a person for being a little jealous. It is normal to have this feeling from time to time. For example, jealousy may be about the neighbor’s most expensive car. Or for the better laptop of a co-worker. When it comes to Scorpios, things are a bit different.

For them, jealousy comes first, along with revenge. Annoy or do something mean to a Scorpio and they’ll pay you back in spades. As passionate beings, Scorpios hold grudges and become very serious when angry. Revenge is something they like.

When a Scorpio is jealous, they really are. These people can hardly suppress their jealousy and they know this feeling very well, since they are one of the most possessive signs of the zodiac.

A Scorpio’s unfaithful partner will be out on the street before they realize what just happened. With a Scorpio there is no turning back, especially if your partner has been unfaithful.

Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio is a water sign. Those born on the cusp of Libra are more charismatic, and those born on the cusp of Sagittarius are more sociable and fun.

Scorpios fall deeply in love, if they fall in love. They are famous for their passion and their eroticism. However, it is almost impossible for a Scorpio not to become jealous and possessive at some point.

Scorpio natives are the most compatible with Cancer and Pisces. These two water signs are known to be caring and sensitive. Furthermore, they seem to be the only ones capable of handling the Scorpios and their character.

Although they are not as affectionate as the water signs mentioned above, Virgo and Capricorn are also compatible with Scorpio because they are strong.

Libra and Sagittarius would also be good at managing Scorpios. Aquarius, Gemini, and Aries won’t have the patience to put up with a Scorpio, and Leos and Tauruses are too much of themselves to include someone so possessive in their lives.

How does jealousy affect you?

When they are friends with someone, Scorpios are incredibly devoted and loyal. However, if they are crossed, no one can save the person who crosses them anymore.

In reality, no matter how things end with the Scorpios, the most important thing will still be the memories, which will surely be unique.

Full of energy, Scorpios in a relationship are very sexual and impressive. They are possessive and can become jealous when the partner no longer pays attention to them. They feel threatened by anyone and do not admit it.

Scorpios are ambitious and ruthless. They like to be powerful and when they want something, no one can stop them from getting it.

Another example of how possessive and jealous Scorpios can be is the situation where they have a say in how their partner dresses.

A Scorpio will not understand that you wear something sexy just to feel better about yourself. They will say that you are trying to improve the way you dress so that others will find you very attractive.

Don’t be horrified when your Scorpio asks you to give him all the information about what you’ve talked about with your co-workers, or when he makes malicious comments about your friends. It is only his possessiveness that comes to the surface. You will try to defend yourself in vain. Your Scorpio will be sure of what he believes and that’s it.

When nothing in their life gets in the way, Scorpio men are good examples of energy and ambition. They are strong and self-confident, but can get a bit depressed when they are disturbed.

This does not mean that underneath they are not insecure. After all, their natural way is to be distrustful. It is a great challenge for Scorpios to fight against the dark feelings that control them.

Life with a Scorpio native is explosive. Although they may appear calm on the surface, they are actually full of passionate thoughts and emotions.

Jealousy can affect a relationship in a very negative way. Some people are more jealous than others. But Scorpios are just the jealous type. Scorpios who are not jealous are an exception to the rule. However, these feelings of jealousy and possessiveness can be controlled.

How to deal with your jealousy

Scorpios are believed to live their lives intensely. And that is completely true. Although they are friends with everyone, they never allow themselves to be vulnerable. It’s his way of never letting his guard down.

They carefully study those around them and identify where to attack in case someone harms them.

Living with someone who is jealous all the time can wear a person down. The control freaks, the jealous, and the possessive will always ask their partner where she is going, with whom, and even why she is wearing what she is wearing.

They will refuse to believe that work relationships are just that and will always make mean comments about other people in their partner’s life.

In the worst case, the person ends up being followed everywhere by their jealous partner. This is a situation where jealousy is extreme and drastic measures have to be taken.

If your partner accuses you of something, there are some things you can do to cure him of his jealousy.

For example, give him your schedule so he can see that it would be impossible for you to spend time with another person. Mention here that you have to stay calm while discussing. You could tell them it’s their fault and also search the internet for how jealousy manifests itself. Perhaps they will recognize their behavior and realize that it is only their fault.

A great relationship cannot be built on jealousy and possessiveness. Relationships are all about romance and trust.

If you are the one who is jealous, analyze the situation carefully. Take things logically and determine if your partner only pays attention to his colleague because he likes him, or does it because that colleague is going to be his new boss.

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