Sahumar with Romero: Know everything you need to know

In this opportunity we bring you a very interesting topic Scented with Romero, from its uses in ancient times to as scented with this excellent herb. Keep reading us.

Sahumar is the act of generating smoke, usually from incense, to perfume the environment and to use it as a purification tool. Their main characteristic is that they give off a pleasant aroma, to which relaxing qualities are attributed, and many people decide to use incense in order to change the vibration of their home.

It is believed that, due to their aroma and composition, incense sticks have the ability to ward off negative energies that are perceived in the environment. These aromatic tools were used during religious rituals in ancient Egypt, Babylon and Greece in order to repel evil spirits or any form of negative energy that was in the environment.

Incense with Rosemary: History

Since ancient times, healers have used it as a great ally for energy cleansing. It is even considered the best remedy to eliminate negative charges from a person and help positive energies enter their life.

Smelling houses with rosemary was what was traditionally done to purify homes and expel bad spirits. When burning rosemary, it emits powerful purifying vibrations and that is why it is burned, to cleanse a place of negative forces.

Rosemary can be burned to purify any space, especially those places where disease, conflict and lack of peace persist. Burning rosemary helps promote positive energy and is known to be one of the oldest incenses.

Everything that happens when we burn rosemary:

When rosemary is burned, it helps to bring love, it also promotes healing and mental clarity in business, it is highly recommended to burn a branch of rosemary at the end of the working day to purify the environment and eliminate all possible bad vibrations that They were able to leave some of the customers who entered the place.

Attract luck in your home by burning rosemary

To attract good luck to your home you just have to burn rosemary in a bowl and go with the bowl and the rosemary lit throughout the house saying the following prayer:

“Holy Romero, first make everything bad come out and everything good come in.”

When you burn the rosemary you have to have all the windows and doors of the house closed and after doing the ritual you can open everything.

For students, it is excellent to burn a sprig of rosemary as its smell stimulates the mind, specifically it increases memory.

For people who are in the «home office», rosemary will be their best ally, since infusing a little of this herb will help provide energy, clarify their ideas and improve concentration in daily activities.

How to smoke with Romero?

  • Before cleaning your environments, clean yourself (you can take a normal bath or perform energy discharge baths), balance your vibes, and put on clean clothes.
  • Clean your house (mix of herbs to remove sadness, anguish, envy and everything that we bring or is generated in our home or business).
  • Light your Sahumador: Charcoal and Romero, and starting from the farthest room, to the exit door of the home.
  • You can use sentences while you make the incense for example:

“Sacred smoke, cleansing channel, health and ancestral wisdom: assist me in removing everything that blocks, hinders and extinguishes my inner fire. Sacred smoke, divine flame, that you reach everywhere, give me energy and power; ignite my energy field of light, strength and vitality. So shall. That’s how it is.»

Prayer to remove bad influences

With the smell of this smoke and in the name of Jesus

cast out all bad influence

Everything that moves in the air

Who wants to come to bring conflict

I cast out the unproductive

Who wants to bring division, lawsuit and strife

Echo out all scarcity, ruin and misery

I declare that the light of Christ enters

To brighten and cleanse with his mighty blood

May the blessing of the Father,

of the Son and of the Holy Spirit I flooded this house.



That the movements are circular with the incense burner:

Counter Clockwise to destroy grief, discomfort.

Clockwise asking for .

For 20 min leave all environments closed for the Smoke to work.

Open everything and feel the loving energy that surrounds you. •Do not forget to throw the ashes into running water

Ritual to multiply your money and attract abundance

For this ritual you will need some ingredients and materials that you probably already have at home, however, remember that the intention is what really makes this spell take effect.


  • 3 sprigs of rosemary
  • Incense
  • Half a cup of lentils
  • 7 coins of different value
  • Glass jar
  • green candle


Light the green candle with matches and light the incense with it. He places the 7 coins in the bottom of the jar, and then adds the lentils, taking care to cover all the coins.

Add the three branches of rosemary while saying: «May the universe multiply my money and give me the abundance I need.» She closes the jar and begins to visualize how the money reaches your hands.

Focus all your energy on positive thoughts of abundance. Place the jar under your bed and after 7 days, add three sprigs of rosemary again and say the words once more.