Ruby jewelry: how to care for and maintain them

Ruby jewelry is among the most valued in the world of jewelry, because it is precious stones that do not appear as frequently in nature. Although it is also added the fact that they have a beautiful and bright red color, a characteristic that makes them one of the most elegant gemstones in the world. So it is not strange to understand why many people want to have ruby ​​jewelry in their collection.

Another striking detail of these jewels is that they have one of the hardest gems on the planet after the diamond, so we can use them every day. However, this does not mean that it does not require any kind of care. On the contrary, if we want to guarantee their longevity and beauty, we need to know how to care for and maintain them.

If you are lucky enough to have ruby ​​jewelry, we invite you to continue reading. Because we have some tips that can help you maintain the beauty and shine of your jewelry for a long time.

How to clean ruby ​​jewelry

Ruby jewelry is quite hard, so it can be cleaned with ultrasonic jewelry cleaners to remove built-up dirt and oil. However, before using this equipment, check your jewelry first. Well, if you notice that the stones are full of fractures or covered with a coating, cleaning them with ultrasonic equipment can be dangerous.

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The best way to clean your ruby ​​jewelry is with a mixture of mild soap and water, optionally dishwashing liquid. To do this, place your silver or gold jewelery with ruby ​​in a container filled with warm soapy water and let it sit there for about fifteen minutes. This will loosen dirt and oils. Then rub the stone carefully with a soft cloth.

You can also use a toothbrush, but make sure it’s very soft before you use it. Otherwise, you could scratch your jewelry. You should use the brush to clean the corners of the stone settings, as these places are perfect for collecting dirt and are otherwise unreachable. After gently rubbing ruby ​​jewelry with a cloth, rinse with clean water and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Remember to clean your ruby ​​jewelry at least once a month. Although if you are not sure to guarantee the best results, from time to time you can also have them cleaned by a professional jeweler.

Care to take with your ruby ​​jewelry

Keep them away from oil and dirt

The hard surface of your jewelry is a magnet for oil and dirt from your fingers. So over time they will lose their shine if not cleaned regularly. But you can keep it cleaner longer if you avoid touching your ruby ​​jewelry when it’s not absolutely essential.

Remove your Ruby jewelry before performing household chores or strenuous activities

Although the ruby ​​​​is a very durable stone and difficult to break or scratch. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to damage. As it can break or chip due to blunt impact, just like any other gemstone. Therefore, it is advisable to remove the rubies before performing housework, sports or any vigorous activity, to avoid possible damage.

Keep them away from the sink

Ruby jewelry, such as a ring or small bracelet, can easily fall down the sink drain. As a consequence of this it could be damaged or lost forever. So avoid placing diamond jewelry on the edge of your sink.

Keep your jewelry away from harsh chemicals

Because ruby ​​is an incredibly hard gem, foreign matter tends to collect on the surface of the stone. Which can give your jewelry a discolored or cloudy appearance.

So do your best to keep your jewelry away from greasy lotions, perfumes, and harsh chemicals. Even substances like vinegar, lemon juice, and ketchup can affect the appearance of your jewelry.

On the other hand, rubies full of fractures often contain glass, which can be damaged by these substances. What is recommended is to take them off if you have to use chemical products and not put them on until you have applied any type of cosmetic product. This will ensure that it stays clean longer.

Get your jewelry checked regularly

If you wear your ruby ​​jewelry regularly it is recommended to have your ruby ​​jewelry checked every 6-12 months depending on the amount of wear. Take them to a professional jeweler who checks the integrity of the jewelry, to ensure that the gemstones are secure in their setting. Losing any gemstone is a harrowing experience, and a quality ruby ​​can be exceptionally difficult to replace.

Especially in the case of a strong blow, take them immediately to a jewelry expert.

How to store your ruby ​​jewelry

The way you store your ruby ​​jewelry will also affect its brilliance. So you should not store them in a plastic bag or container. The best option is a fabric-lined jewelry box with compartments, as it will prevent them from rubbing against other jewelry. Although you can also place them separately in soft cotton bags or wrapped in a soft cloth.

Remember, while ruby ​​is a fairly hard substance that can only be scratched by a diamond, it can scratch other softer gems. Also remember that when cleaning your jewelry, store it only after it is completely dry.

Without a doubt, ruby ​​jewelry is especially beautiful and if properly cared for, can retain its appearance for many years. Even passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms and the best thing is that they are quite easy to maintain. It only takes a little care to keep your ruby ​​jewelry sparkling at all times.