There are several backpacking routes in Spain; for those daring travelers who want to know places, enjoy and save a lot of money, because one of the advantages of going backpacking is the savings it represents. According to statistical data provided by the Hostelworld Reservation Center, which brings together some 33,000 youth hostels in 170 countries, Spain is the world’s tourist destination most sought after by backpackers, followed by Italy, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Starting from this premise, below we are going to present the best routes for backpackers in Spain; with the purpose of guiding those people who wish to undertake a trip with these characteristics; in a country that offers endless advantages; from beautiful beaches to enjoy the sun and sand, to the most beautiful and green mountains, wonderful towns with a lot of history and culture, unique architectures and cuisines, so that they are motivated to embark on a trip as backpackers in Spain.

Routes through Andalusia: this great route offers excellent tourist attractions; since in the area that includes the coast and passes through the cities of Huelva, Cádiz, Almería, Granada or Málaga; you can enjoy beautiful beaches and splendid landscapes. But, if you want to opt for the cultural aspect, this Andalusia route offers tourist places such as the Mosque of Córdoba, the Alhambra in Granada, or the Giralda in Seville; Round, Moguer; as well as Baeza and Úbeda, which have been declared World Heritage Sites.

The Routes of the Camino de Santiago: some routes recognized by backpackers in Spain are those of the Camino de Santiago; which can be done on foot, on horseback or by bicycle; Therefore, below we explain the different options that exist to carry out this world-renowned route, as it is a mystical path where you can travel through wonderful places over hundreds of kilometers.

French Way Route: this route crosses 114 towns from east to west of the peninsula; It is the longest of all and we highly recommend it, since in it you can enjoy impressive nature, dreamlike landscapes, culture and history by the heap.

Northern Way Route: on this route around 19 towns on the Galician and Asturian coast are covered; where you will also find fabulous landscapes and architecture, as well as a lot of history and culture. The French Way is the busiest road, with greater facilities and services at each stage.

Route of the Primitive Way: If you want to go along the oldest route of the Camino de Santiago, to feel the sensation of perceiving history; then you can select this route that passes through 19 locations.

If you like the mountains, solitude and silence; then the Camino del Norte or the Primitivo is convenient for you; but there are other options such as the English Way Route; that unites La Coruña with Santiago de Compostela; and the Route of the Portuguese Way; which leaves Portugal and crosses 12 locations.

But, the choice of the route will depend on the experience when walking, your physical condition, training, preferences, time, time and budget you have to make a backpacking trip in Spain.

It is important to point out that if you are one of those people who can choose the time to enjoy your vacations or if you are a nomad with a very flexible schedule, we recommend that you travel as a backpacker in Spain during the spring, between April and the end of May, or during the fall, between mid-September and the end of November.

We recommend these periods, because in summer these routes are more crowded, and it is very difficult to find shelter; especially in the last 100 kilometers to get the Compostelana. On the other hand, walking under the hot summer sun is complicated and much more tiring, and in winter; the cold can be a problem, especially for those people who come from other countries where it is not so cold.

Route of Barcelona and the Costa Brava of Spain: Undoubtedly a wonderful route to go as a backpacker in Spain, is the one that passes through the Costa del Sol, where you can enjoy the hidden coves among pine trees, and fabulous landscapes in places like Figueres, Tossa de Mar, Roses, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Natural Park of the Marismas del Ampurdán, Cadaqués, among others. On this route it is almost mandatory to visit the Sagrada Familia, the Gothic Quarter and all of Gaudí’s architecture.

Route of the two Castiles: A route traveled by backpackers in Spain is that of the two Castillas; where there are many places that surely delight thousands of tourists; such as, for example: the walls of Ávila, the Cathedral of León, the fortress and the aqueduct of Segovia and the cathedral of Burgos.

The backpackers in Spain, frequently arrive in Castilla-La Mancha, a place where you can visit cities that are Cultural Heritage of Humanity; such as Toledo and Cuenca. Likewise, if the discoveries that have been made over time appeal to you, then you should visit the archaeological parks located in Segóbriga, Carranque or Alarcos-Calatrava.