rotten smell spiritual meaning (meaning to feel it spiritually)

Smell of rottenness spiritual meaning We have received questions like the following: Does the smell of rottenness have spiritual meaning? What does it mean to feel a rotten smell out of nowhere? Could you explain to me what it means to feel a rotten smell in the house? What does it mean to smell rotten spiritually? Could you post the rotten smell in the house meaning?

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its symbolism

Rotten smell spiritual meaning #1 (in the street) Have you felt this smell on the street or in a certain place that you visit infrequently? This indicates that negative presences or energies are in that particular place and that you do not need to do anything to protect yourself.

It is common for some places to be more infested than others, especially public spaces, but there is little we can do. We cannot clean the bad energies of all the places we visit, so we should ignore them.

If that smell haunts you, it means you may have been infested with it, something that requires more attention. Here’s how to do it.


Rotten smell spiritual meaning #2 (inside the house) Feeling the rotten smell of nothing or even carrion in your house when everything is clean is something that should concern you.

We say this because it may be an indication that there are negative energies within your home. Therefore, it is very important to do a complete cleaning of this environment, since you live in it every day, and also a complete cleaning of your body and soul.

Therefore, below we will leave all the rituals you need to proceed with the cleansing and purification of the body, the soul and a particular environment.


Rotten smell spiritual meaning #3 (in a particular room only) Obsessive Spirits Obsessive spirits can sensitize a person’s sense of smell more if he is a natural medium, causing him to perceive unpleasant odors such as the smell of rot.

In this case, the perception can be intentionally provoked by these frivolous and mocking beings to cause suffering to the medium.

These creatures take pleasure in the suffering of others and will go to great lengths to create negative situations for people.

They motivate negative or terrifying images, smells and sounds with the sole objective of making their victims suffer.

However, there is a possibility that they did not cause this odor intentionally. In this case, the medium perceives the spiritual fluids of these beings and interprets this perception as a rotten smell.

Thus, the subconscious mind of the medium associates the rottenness of the negative spiritual vibration with the terrible smell of something decomposing.


Rotten smell spiritual meaning #4 (in various rooms) Disturbed disembodied spirits Smelling putrid odors that only come from a few specific rooms could mean that there are newly disembodied spirits near you.

These beings have recently died and are still in a state of spiritual disturbance, maintaining ties with their decomposing material body.

Thus, they still carry in their psychic field the mark of the putrefactive process of the body, expelling fluids that sensitize the olfactory environment and provoke the sensation of the mysterious smell of rottenness.

These beings may not even know they are dead. They are not necessarily obsessive and can only momentarily tune in to the person who smells them.

This happens because they are wandering the spiritual realm as if they are still alive, not understanding their new state of spiritual existence.


Rotten smell spiritual meaning #5 (in the house that comes and goes) Pick up the energies of others There is a possibility that the rotten smell that appears out of nowhere and comes and goes has to do with the spiritual energy of people who are still alive.

In other words, the natural medium captures the spiritual energy of incarnated people who are spiritually negative.

Some people can harbor such negative, disgusting, and despicable thoughts that they give off a rotten odor to those who are more spiritually sensitive.

In this case, the smell may come from someone who is in tune with you. Someone close, such as a neighbor, a person passing by on the street or a family member can emanate this smell of spiritual origin.

In this case, it is best to resort to prayers the moment you feel the negative smell. After all, this negative spiritual emanation can influence you and harm you.

Therefore, pray a protection prayer and try to stop absorbing negative energies from people.


Can I do something about it?

Taking care of the vibrations of the environment is a great way to balance energies and ward off negative presences.

In this way, doing regular energy cleansing can be very positive for your home or work.

Not only can you do energetic cleansing in places, but you can also do it on yourself.

Next we will teach you a powerful cleansing with herbs to cleanse your environment.


Ritual 3 herbs to cleanse the environment


A handful of the 3 herbs (sagerosemary and rue)

A skillet or smoker

How to do it:

Place the 3 dried and chopped herbs in the pan;

Before lighting the smoker, open all the windows in the house so the energy can get out;

You can also say a prayer and light a candle before you start smoking to reaffirm your intentions;

Turn on the smoker and blow smoke from all corners of the house;

When it’s done burning, let it cool down and then throw the ashes in the trash.

When you are doing this cleaning, it is important that you raise your thoughts, feelings and vibration.

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The poorly kept places in the house are the ones that accumulate the most negative energy, remember to go to those places.

You can make pass an incense singing mantrassongs or whatever you think is convenient at the time, but it is optional.

The fumes are very powerful to raise the vibrations of the place and cleanse stagnant energies.

In this way, you will carry out a good energetic cleaning in the environment and you will ward off negative energies.

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