Rituals with rice and what does rice thrown at the door mean

Rituals with rice Rice is a cereal native to the East, whose use spread throughout the planet; today it is the staple food of a third of the world’s population. Since ancient times, rice has played a very important role when performing different rituals usually related to fertility, prosperity and protection.

In Malaysia, when the men were away fighting, the women used to leave a little rice in the bowl and then set it aside, which was believed to ensure food for the men and that they would never go hungry.

According to several towns, the rice spread on the roof protected against misfortunes. Even the Brahmans carried rice as an amulet against evil.

At present, these beliefs are preserved, still almost intact. In many regions a small jar of rice is still placed near the main entrance of the house to attract abundance and ward off negative forces. Even in some towns it is still very common to see women throw the washed grain into the patio of the house to protect it or throw three handfuls of rice on the roof in order to avoid lightning.

Rice is also used to procure fertility and happiness to the newlyweds, seven handfuls of rice are thrown at them as they leave the church.

Likewise, rice is used as a natural and home remedy, since it is used to combat diarrhea in children and intestinal problems.


What does rice thrown at the door mean?

We have received several questions related to the topic of the rice at the door of a house (someone has left it there, thrown or thrown away) and if this represents something negative for the person whose house has been presented with this situation.

From an esoteric point of view, rice means abundance and prosperity. At weddings, rice is thrown at the bride and groom with the aim of having a prosperous life together.

Therefore, if rice is found at the door of the house, it means something positive and that perhaps the other person is doing it thinking that he is doing a bad thing and instead of that it is a good thing for the house that receives it.

Rituals with rice

House cleaning ritual with rice Boil 1 tablespoon of rice, 1 tablespoon of wheat, 1 glass of sweet wine, 1 tablespoon of wheat bran and 1 lump of sugar in a pot of water for a few minutes. Clean the house with that liquid.

Ritual to get a job with rice Grind a handful of rice in a mortar until it turns into flour, and then mix it with cornmeal. Then light a white paraffin candle in a saucepan. There add plenty of cooking oil, flour, a handful of sunflower seeds, 1 tablespoon of pink honey and a egg, the latter to neutralize all negative energy. At that time, make a request to get a job while the candle burns.

Ritual with rice to have a more beautiful complexion Soak a few rose petals in a jar with little water. Then add enough rice flour and beat until it forms a kind of jelly. In the morning, gently rub the face with this preparation and then rinse with a tissue.

Ritual with rice and coins to attract money #1 Put, on a Saturday afternoon, in a glass container, a handful of rice, another of wheat and seven coins. Move them, with your right hand, in such a way that all the elements are integrated into the container. Place the container behind the door of the house or business. Perform this ritual every month renewing the ingredients. Do not directly throw the old ingredients in the trash, instead wrap them in aluminum foil.

Ritual with rice to attract money # 2 Cut several parts of a cardboard and glue them together to form a pyramid. Then spread rubber over the entire surface of the pyramid and stick as much uncooked rice as possible. Store, for a week, in a place (it can be the kitchen) where it does not get sunlight.

On the eighth day during the night, place the cardboard pyramid at the bottom of a pot where several coins and black soil (the most fertile that can be obtained) will be added. An ornamental plant will be planted there. The pot should be located near the main door, whether it is from the home business.


Ritual of rice and pepper for prosperity

Ingredients and special utensils:

1 handful of rice

7 yellow corn

7 seeds of sunflower

1 handful of pepper

7 grains of wheat

1 clear glass jar with tight lid


On a full moon night, fill the glass jar with successive layers of rice, yellow corn, pepper, sunflower seeds, and wheat grains. Once full, tightly cap the jar and place it on the highest shelf in the house.


Rituals with rice for a sick person to leave the hospital and be better

Ingredients and special utensils:

1 handful of rice

1 green cloth bag

9 white candles

1 meter of green ribbon

Eucalyptus cones (sold in some pharmacies and health food stores)

rue leaves, male or female




Rice, seven eucalyptus cones and seven rue leaves are placed inside the green cloth bag. The name of the hospitalized person is added to the bag, written on a piece of paper. Use a meter of green baby ribbon to tie the bag.

Leave the bag surrounded by nine white candles burning overnight. The next day visit the patient and leave the bag under the pillow.


Rituals with rice to thank for a job that gave good results

Ingredients and special utensils:

a handful of rice



1 pot



It is boiled in a pot, the rice with corn and a cube of saffron. When the cooking has cooled, the person giving thanks goes to a river and carefully delivers the contents of the pot to it. It is his sign of gratitude to the forces of nature that make labor of love viable.


Rice rituals to find true love

Finding that special person with whom to share the moments of our lives is never an easy task. We must remain receptive to what fate throws at us; It is possible that our desire is deposited in a specific model of person and that, once it appears, we realize that by relating to it we will not be able to be happy.

True love can appear under any face: it can be the most different person from us that there is in the world. What actually exists between someone and their true love is magic; the rest are fantasies created by the mind that, deep down, are worth nothing compared to true passion.

This ritual will help us find the person we have always been looking for, our soulmate. Given the difficulty of the objective, it is possible that the spell takes time to take effect, but the rite is, without a doubt, a powerful compass that will guide us with accurate steps towards our destiny.

Required Items

a handful of rice

a red chalk

The ritual consists of preparing a place where we will not be disturbed and where we can work comfortably, sitting on the floor.

Place, in front of us, the handful of rice and the red chalk. Support the palm of the right hand on the little pile of rice, closing our eyes and thinking about our heart, trying to listen to its beats.

Maintain this position for a while, trying to get into harmony with our body, listening to all the sounds and feeling each part, particularly the heart’ while we try to keep the mind blank. Sing the rice hand and rest it on the chest, on the skin , just above the heart, feeling the grains of rice that have been stuck in the palm.

Rub your hand all over the chest, distributing the rice. Repeat the process until we have several grains of rice stuck to the chest

Pick up the red chalk with your right hand. Draw a heart with it on our skin. Without cleaning the drawing, take all the rice in your hands. Take the rice to a crossroads and throw it with your eyes closed, so that the wind will carry it. Get away from the place without looking back or passing by for the rest of the day. From this moment the chalk marks can be washed off the body.

It is advisable to practice this ritual at the beginning of a season, spring if possible, and renew it at the beginning of each of the following ones. The red chalk can be reused for as many rituals as we want.


Chinese rituals with rice to attract prosperity in the new year

This ritual is called Yu Wai’. You can do it to attract prosperity, money, health, well-being or when you go to change your home or workplace. You need three tablespoons of powdered saffron, a quart of hard liquor, and a bowlful of uncooked rice.

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Before beginning the ceremony, recite nine times the Mantra: “Gate, Gate, Para Gate, Para Sam Gate, Bodhi Swajha”. Then you take the bowl with the rice, add the saffron and nine measures of the liquor. You mix it with the middle finger of your right hand, while pronouncing the five true words: “Om, Mani, Pad, Me, Hum”.

Then you go to the main entrance door and throw three handfuls of rice out and up to make the problems and bad energies go away.

Then you throw three handfuls down, while visualizing that you are sowing the seeds for your new growth, so that the opportunities you need open up and you receive what you ask for. Finally, you throw another three handfuls into the air, upwards, to ask for blessings and protection…


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