Rituals with candles to get a job or employment fast

Candlelight rituals to get a job So you have an idea about your dream job. You have been taking all the time and steps necessary to achieve your goal.

Anyway, finally after many hours of study, preparation, practice and effort you can move on to the really hard part; make it happen.

If you want to attract positive energies that help in the process of searching for and finding a dream job, you can perform rituals with candles that help you do so.

Below are several rituals with candles to get a job, but first let’s see the most recommended candle color.


Candle color for work

Green: Green candles are associated with money and luck and can be used in rituals to find employment.

White: White candles represent purity and will intensify genuine and sincere intentions to find a good job.

Yellow: If you’re going to ask for a raise or promotion, you definitely want to exude confidence. A yellow candle ritual can ensure you get that extra boost. Yellow candles instill confidence and are symbols of intelligence.


Rituals with candles to get a job

Rituals with candles to get a job # 1

Write on a piece of paper what you want: «I want to find a job.» Cover the paper with mint, while saying out loud: “«I deserve a job where I can develop everything I have inside. I can work, I am healthy and God will help me to get what I want.»

Visualize the place where you would like to work or the activity you want to carry out. Close your eyes and spend a few moments concentrating on that thought. Open your eyes and place your own photograph next to the green candle, light it -with a match- and look intensely at the flame and the photo, alternately.

Close your eyes again and visualize a small flame between your eyebrows, while saying the following words: “I want a job. I’m going to get it. I deserve it.

Open your eyes and let the candle burn. Perform this operation every Tuesday, until work is found. .


Rituals with candles to get a job # 2

In this ritual we will use the laurel, a clear symbol of victory and triumph, to ask the angel Samael for help to find work.

Required Items

1 clove garlic

1 white candle

7 bay leaves in perfect condition

Salt water (If sea water is not available, use tap water with a tablespoon of coarse salt).


  • Prepare an infusion with the bay leaves and the garlic, letting it boil for only five minutes.
  • Shower without drying off.
  • Apply the infusion, lukewarm so as not to burn, all over the body.
  • Let the body dry in the air, without using towels.
  • Light the candle and request a job improvement request out loud to the angel Samael.

The number seven, symbol of fortune and spiritual purity, will help us to cleanse ourselves more effectively. Seawater is a solvent that distributes the compact energy of garlic and the virtues of laurel in the water. In this way we can apply them to the body.

About the angel Samael

It represents the Severity of God, as well as the Victory over adversity with virtue as a banner. In any conflict in which truth and purity of spirit are on our side, the Angel Samael will come to our aid.

This angel is, at the same time, a protector par excellence and serves as a shield against physical and spiritual damage. It helps fight pain and strengthens the will against adversity of all kinds. It also favors healthy personal ambition, the ability to deliver and lead, as well as the courage of those who have a pure intention and will.


When applying the infusion we must recite this prayer so that the angel Samael grants us our wish:

Dear Angel Samael,

I invoke you to ask for understanding and your help.

I ask you to help me find a good job or employment

Thank you very much, angel Samael, because I know that you have already granted it to me.

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Rituals with candles to get a job #3

If you are unemployed or if you are going to have to change jobs, this ritual is infallible. Separate the following materials:

two white candles
A knife
A green string or thread

On one of the candles write your full name with the knife. On the other, she writes, «I need a job.» Tie each one with the green thread three times, leaving a knot at the top, one in the middle and the last one at the bottom.

Place the candles next to each other, the one with your name written on it should be on the left side and the one with the phrase on it should be on the right side.

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Getting a job or job is not an easy task especially in these times. In addition to the qualifications required for many (…)

Light both and, while they burn, pray to Santo Expedito, the saint of urgent causes, with great faith.

Prayer of Saint Expeditus to get a job

“My San Expedito of just and urgent causes,
Help me in this Hour of Affliction and Despair, intercede for me before Our Lord Jesus Christ.
You who are a holy warrior.
You who are the Saint of the Afflicted.
You are the Saint of the Desperate,
You who are the Saint of Urgent Causes,
Protect me, help me, help me strength, courage and serenity.
to get a good job
Help me get through these difficult hours, protect me from all those who can harm me, protect my family, respond to my request urgently.
Give me back my peace and tranquility.
I will be grateful for the rest of my life and I will carry your name to all who have faith.
Holy Expeditus, pray for us. Amen.»


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