Gemstones carry living energy, and each has different mystical and healing properties. Abundance is considered by many to be a type of good luck, which can be influenced by the energy of many gems.

Some stones harmonize energy, while others symbolize good luck in business and are used as amulets to attract money. If you need to improve your business and attract money, keep in mind that the stone recommended to achieve these purposes is jade.

Jade is much more than a precious green stone; it is a very powerful stone, especially the green one; it has properties to attract money and improve business; however, you have to work a lot with her to achieve the desired projects. This stone has various magical powers related to love, wisdom, prosperity and money.

On the other hand, if you want to take advantage of the magical benefits of jade to attract money, perform a ritual in which you charge an object that has jade with energy to attract money.

You will only need a jade ring or bracelet, cinnamon incense and a yellow candle. Light the candle with the cinnamon incense, hold the jewel in your hand and visualize how the money you need enters your life. Put on the jewel and wear it always. Create a positive attitude towards money and visualize yourself using it productively and creatively.

The best day to perform rituals to attract money is Monday. Another ritual that is also recommended to attract money is the following: an orange candle, an orange stick, tangerine essential oil, jade stone, and myrrh incense; write three times on the candle: “prosperity and money”, from bottom to top with the orange stick; then cover it with orange essential oil, mentally and positively asking for what you want, to proceed with your ritual. Place the jade stone in front of the candle so that it is energized. Light the incense and the candle while visualizing what you want to achieve with great faith and security. At the end of the ritual, collect the jade stone to be used as an amulet of abundance and prosperity.

For fortune to enter your home, keep in mind to place a glass of pure water in a visible place, and add four tablespoons of sugar; You should place around the glass seven coins and a piece of jade stone.

Every day you must throw a coin into the glass of water, asking for abundance for your home.

However, many say that just having any jade jewel on top is enough to attract money.

Jade attracts general good luck, and causes money to come through family, friends or in various ways. Take advantage of the magical benefits of this powerful stone. Connect with the energy in them, stay positive and let abundance knock on your door!