Rice bottle: Do it to have abundance in this 2022

What is the rice bottle?

The rice bottle is one of the most effective amulets to attract abundance to the home and one of the most popular because the materials used to prepare it are very easy to obtain. Here we will show you how. Keep reading us.

The concept of abundance is intimately linked with that of prosperity, feeling that more than enough resources are available to guarantee subsistence, increases the feeling of security, generating confidence and stability that are projected in all areas of your life.

Rice Bottle: History

Its origin is not very clear, but what is known is that almost all cultures have wanted to symbolize the accumulation of wealth through bottles of prosperity. The jar of abundance is also used to «invite» prosperity to our homes and that the pantry and wallet are always full. For example, in some countries of the Far East, such as China, it is very common for houses to have vases of abundance.

These containers are filled with coins, well-wishing papers, and pictures that symbolize wealth. In recent times, the use of the jar of abundance has become widespread throughout the West, but its content varies from what is known in the East.


This rice bottle is used for abundance and the materials that will be needed are the following: 3 Chinese coins (with a square hole in the center), tied by the red string for good luck. 1 glass jar or bottle with a wide mouth and its respective lid. A little sunflower oil. Raw rice (enough to fill half the jar).

Confirm that the container is clean and dry. Then get in tune with the preparation you will do accompanied by affirmations or visualizing images of prosperity and abundance. While you channel those thoughts, rub the coins with a little sunflower oil and place them in the bottom of a glass container. Then take the rice with your dominant hand (the one you write with) and fill the container little by little.

When filling half the glass jar with the rice, check that the coins are well covered and close the bottle with its lid. Thank the Universe, the Divine or your Angels for infinite abundance and place it in the kitchen cupboard, hidden from the view of third parties. Among the affirmations you can use: “I joyfully receive infinite abundance”. «My home is prosperous and abundant.» «All my needs are covered.»

How often to change it?

This amulet of abundance should preferably be changed every year. If possible at Christmas where the energies are better.

Other dates:

Day of the Week: Thursday (day of Jupiter, the planet of expansion).

Advisable Moons: It will take place on a crescent or full moon in one of the following signs: Aries, Sagittarius, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. Another day with good energy is during the preparer’s birthday.

Place of Location: In the kitchen, in the living room or in the dining room.

Prayer for the angel of abundance – petitions to Abundia

«Angel of Abundance,

Powerful and kind angel,

grant us what we ask with all faith:

bring us Abundia all your abundance.

Bring us streams of your riches,

serenity to have them

and divine love to obtain them.

Bring us the faith of your wealth,

you, great Abundia,

give us wealth of thought,

give us wealth of feeling.

Lady, bring us your fresh fruits,

vegetables, bring us sweetness.

bring us also blessed gold,

your stones, rubies, sapphires.

Bring us, we beg you, your prosperity,

Joy and happiness.

Open the coffers, take out your cornucopia

and open the tap of the spring,

jets, damaging flows

and shower us above all with the supreme love of God,

with the fervor of prayer,

with so much faith, security, prosperity,

in the generous hands of God.

Abundia, Abundia, Abundia,

great angelic being of abundance,

we ask you with immense love,

that you listen with interest and benevolence to this prayer

and grant us:

(Now mention the request).

We thank you Mrs. Abundia,

may you bring abundance of new plans

and new things

all blessed by God our loving Lord.


Light a white candle.»

Other rituals for prosperity:

1. Take a few grains of rice and put them in a bag. Women can carry them in their purse and men in their pants pocket.

2. Store rice in two glass containers and accompany them by lighting two green candles. Place them in a private place in your home to call for abundance and not allow outside eyes to «steal» the energy.

3. To attract money to your business it is recommended to put, on a Saturday afternoon, inside a glass jar, a handful of rice, another of wheat and seven coins of different denominations. Move it with your right hand until all the elements are integrated. Then leave it behind the door of the premises, or of the house. Some people tie a red thread to the rim of the jar.

4. In some villages in the East, women often throw several handfuls of rice on the roof. They ensure that it keeps lightning away when there are thunderstorms.