Cocos Island is a hidden paradise, whose natural wealth has made it deserve to be declared a National Park by Costa Rica. Until now, Isla Del Coco is uninhabited, however, a multidisciplinary team of scientists and researchers maintain the island.

According to history, Isla del Coco was discovered by a Spanish colonizer named: Juan Cabezas de Grado. Arriving in the year 1526, de Grado found an islet of 23 square kilometers, located 532 kilometers from Costa Rica.

As a particular fact, Cocos Island has a rectangular shape, and administratively it is part of one of the thirteen districts of the province of Puntarenas, the place from where the boats leave for the tropical paradise. The trip to Isla del Coco takes around 36 hours.

Cocos Island is currently protected by a marine conservation program. This is based on offering the necessary security and infrastructure services to be able to have an unforgettable ride on Cocos Island. In the same way, it raises the fair care of the natural and cultural attractions of this hidden paradise sheltered by the Pacific Ocean.

To visit Isla del Coco you will have the opportunity to see the largest island in the world without inhabitants. Also, it has as a curious fact a peculiar legend. It is said that the explorer, Jacques Coestau visited the island, and said that it was the «most beautiful island on the face of the Earth».

The ideal months to visit are from October to March, because during the rest of the year Cocos Island has significant rainfall.. If you are worried about such a long trip to Cocos Island, you have to consider that the trip includes all the services included, among them, diving days, lodging on the boat and exploration. From the departure by boat, the visit to Isla del Coco lasts around 10 days.

As every adventure and every curious expert knows, in addition to locating the exact date from the month of October to the month of March, in order to visit Cocos Island it is necessary to consult with the transfer companies, since it is common for it to be done alone. one trip per month.

Remember that currently, the Island is within a protection and research program, but this does not represent a limit for those who wish to have a quite unusual experience in the hidden paradise that Isla del Coco represents.

But, who and why can visit Isla del Coco? This Costa Rican natural treasure is suitable for those who like adventure and exploration. As mentioned, Cocos Island does not have any type of settlement, beyond the Ranger house.

If you are a tourist who enjoys the appreciation of natural treasures, visiting areas where man has the opportunity to return to his very beginning, then you are the ideal visitor to be able to head to the hidden paradise of Isla del Coco.