Reborn spiritual, biblical and religious meaning (in the Bible)

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General features

We are surrounded by themes of rebirth, reincarnation, renewal, and rejuvenation. The history of agriculture has taught us that plants that die in winter come back to life in spring.

This is a clear symbol that nature gives us about death and rebirth.

Since ancient times, human beings have clung to the belief of an afterlife. We have clung to the belief that life does not end at the moment of death.

Just like plants, we follow the pattern of nature: we are reborn in one way or another when we die.

All around us there are signs that reinforce this belief. We can see symbols of renewal everywhere we look, and this allows us to breathe new life into our consciousness.

Our consciousness is well aware of the spiritual meanings of being reborn.

Below we detail the spiritual meaning reborn.


its symbolism

Reborn spiritual meaning #1 Enlightenment Many cultures consider the lotus flower to be a symbol of enlightenment and rebirth.

The lotus flower emerges from murky and muddy waters to become one of the most beautiful flowers on earth.

During the day, you can contemplate the beauty and splendor of this flower. At night it closes and retreats back into the water, only to reappear fresh and glorious the next day.

Both Buddhists and ancient Egyptians believed that the lotus flower demonstrates how the dead enter the underworld to be reborn through the process of reincarnation.


Reborn spiritual meaning #2 New beginnings The first crescent of the moon indicates new beginnings, new beginnings, and rebirth. The beginning of the new moon brings fortune to many people.

New jobs, ventures, projects and jobs start during the new moon. It is also a good time to set new goals and objectives.

The new moon is considered an auspicious time among Hindus. It is the time when they make offerings to receive a blessing for their new ventures.


Reborn spiritual meaning #3 Rejuvenation The planet Uranus represents rejuvenation and rebirth. He is closely related to the Greek god Uranus, who represents awakening, revolution, innovation, and new beginnings.

According to Greek mythology, Uranus is a creator god. This means that he gives life to many things as we know them today.

The ancient Greeks looked to Uranus for guidance when they wanted to renew their spirituality.

It is a symbol of new strength when one is pressing towards a new career, financial rejuvenation and creativity.


Reborn spiritual meaning #4 Rising from the ashes The Phoenix It is highly regarded in many cultures as a symbol of renewal, rejuvenation, and rebirth. According to legend, the phoenix bursts into flames at the end of its life.

A new phoenix would rise from the ashes to take the place of the old. This is a clear sign that there is life after death.

In Persian culture, the Simurgh bird has phoenix-like characteristics. In ancient Rome, this bird was considered a source of new wealth and prosperity. For that reason, this bird was a regular item on Roman coins.

As for Christians, they see in the phoenix a symbol of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Reborn spiritual meaning #5 Shed the skin and let go of the past Snakes periodically shed their skin to get rid of dirt and grime that they have accumulated over time. The snake’s unique ability to shed its skin symbolizes renewal and rebirth.

It tells us that we must be willing to let go of our past if we hope to progress and achieve our goals and dreams.

Among the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, the snake was considered a symbol of healing. The Greek god Asclepius had the symbol of a serpent carved into his staff. In that sense, it was believed that it could get rid of illnesses and restore health to the physical body.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the universal sign of medicine and healing in the modern world is a snake on a staff.


Reborn spiritual meaning #6 Reflection and self-awareness that allows us to start over. The bear hibernates when weather conditions are not favorable, especially during the winter. It goes into hibernation until the environment becomes more favorable for its survival.

This symbol indicates that from time to time we must hide within ourselves to reflect on ourselves. We need to reevaluate ourselves when things are not going well.

This will allow us to reach our self-awareness and give us the drive to start over.


Reborn spiritual meaning #7 The water that purifies us Since time immemorial, water has been used as a symbol of healing, purification and renewal. It has the ability to get rid of dirt and grime and leave someone or something gleaming.

In many cultures around the world, water is used for emotional and spiritual renewal.

For example, Christians use water in the ritual of baptism to indicate that one has been «born again» in Christ Jesus.

People in many Asian and Middle Eastern cultures bathe in holy water to rid themselves of bodily sins and illnesses.

It is important to note that most creation myths indicate that water is the source of life.


Reborn spiritual meaning #8 Ability to regenerate When one limb of the starfish is torn off, another one grows in its place.

The starfish is highly revered among Native Americans. They considered this animal a symbol of strength, rebirth and regeneration.

They were so attached to the starfish that one of the Native American tribes derived their name from a type of this fish.

The starfish tells us that we must overcome and cast off our dark pasts, thus creating space for new energies in our lives.


Reborn spiritual meaning #9 The color of hope and life The color Green has a close association with the rejuvenation seen in nature. It symbolizes hope, freshness and new beginnings.

In many cultures, the color green is associated with spring. It signals the beginning of a new life after the long lifeless months of winter.

In the Far East, this color is associated with the rising sun. This means that it has the ability to chase away darkness and admit light into our lives.


Reborn spiritual meaning #10 Transformation The butterflies They represent renewal, change, growth and rebirth. From the egg stage, butterflies transform into pupae or chrysalis and finally emerge as adult winged butterflies.

This insect constantly transforms until it reaches the final stage of growth. People with butterfly amulets believe that they will soon enter a new phase of their growth and pray for a positive change in their lives. Let’s see, next, the biblical and religious meaning reborn.

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Other symbolism

To give answers to the questions What does it mean to be reborn in the Bible? Does rebirth have biblical meaning? Could you post about reborn religious significance? We must explain the following:

In the New Testament, specifically in John 3:4, Nicodemus understands that Jesus is talking about a birth. The Greek word that follows “born,” other—translated in our Bibles as “again” or “from above”—magnifies their perplexity.

As a grown man, Nicodemus is perplexed by the second chance to be born. His response indicates, not that he is contemplating being conceived again and entering his mother’s womb, but that he is thinking of the end of the pregnancy, coming out of the womb at birth.

Obviously, he does not understand that, in God’s opinion, despite being physically alive, he is a spiritually dead man who needs God to resurrect him and give him the spiritual life he lacks.

He immediately associates Jesus’ words with a literal, physical, carnal birth, so his thoughts lead him in the wrong direction.

The spiritual intention of Jesus, and in this sense its biblical and religious meaning, has nothing to do with a second physical birth of a human being but the spiritual one, which is the fundamental requirement to enter the kingdom of God.

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