In the world of santeros there is a large number of tools that allow them to inquire about their future or that of other people; for example, what situations are you going to go through or how to improve your life. However, this is not the case with reading snails. In these sessions, the message that is sent has precision and clarity, it does not reflect what you want to know, but how things really are. In addition, each mollusk varies according to different factors, making them belong to a certain group.

This reading is one of the oldest, known to those practitioners of African Santeria, now spread throughout the world. People who turn to snails seek accuracy, because they are the ones who express their feelings directly, and do not use symbols that can be interpreted to convey their vision.

The individuals who attend these sessions should know that the snails speak based on the perception of the one who consults them, in other words, what they feel inside and their external manifestation. How we act daily, the different situations that make us react, all this and more can be felt by mollusks.

For this reason, his readings are so radical and his foundation is the total reality of the person. With the help of these readings we can know what we must do to be better, if we are not acting in a good way, the steps we must follow to achieve our professional success, or what the way we live will bring us.

We may need help to see from a mystical and spiritual point of view, in other words, if we are going in the right direction to complete the mission we have in this world and how far we are from enjoying its greatness. This can be known with the oracle of snails.

There are a thousand species of molluscs and snails in the world, however, only two hundred of them are part of this oracle; they are divided into four groups: in the first are those that are named according to their behavior and development; while in the second, it is their appearance that decides what they will be called; the third group has a tendency to interact with humans; the names of the last faction are dictated by the intuition of the creator of the oracle.

To make these classifications, the santero must take into account everything that involves the snail. Therefore, an exhaustive investigation must be carried out in which the vital organization of each mollusk can be detailed, how they have developed, what their countenance shows, and the different reactions and behaviors they manifest and even how they reproduce.

In short, if we want our reading to be objective and help us to be better so that we can do well in life, the recommended option is to go to the santeros who perform readings of this oracle, with it we will only know the truth that integrates us. .