The energies of the stones have been used as an instrument of healing throughout all time. The gems or stone have been used to understand the different dimensions of man; these act through the emission of its energy, which is given directly from the sun. The reason for using the stones is that they can restore the flow of energy and purification of the body, promoting physical, mental and spiritual balance. Many stones emit healing vibrations that can alleviate disorders in several parts of the body.

Jade is a beautiful and ancient rock that has been awarded excellent properties and attributes, applicable in different situations, but fundamentally, it is good for health and wellbeing.

The Mayans used it to protect themselves from diseases, and China in was highly appreciated and used for medicinal purposes.

The healing properties of jade are staggering. It is a powerful purifier, improves circulation and detoxifies the blood; it manages to decongest the body, bringing more energy and strengthens the immune system; also it acts reuniting the cell and skeletal system.

Green Jade water can be taken as the elixir of gems and acts as a diuretic and blood cleanser. Simply introduce a green jade stone in a glass of water or a jar with clean water, leave it for a couple of hours and then you drink it.

Jade is a crystal of great effectiveness in the physical, esoteric and spiritual plans. Some varieties as the greenish, the whites and brown are used for thousands of years for their great energy.

Jade is widely used in gem therapy for its healing properties. This crystal is a harmonizing of the human body, it produces sedative and relaxing effects. It is ideal for people who are very nervous. Gem therapy professionals indicate that neither side of a crystal is more important than another. Experts in this area place crystals in the body, depending on the condition being treated. When you put the stone on the skin, the stone vibrates and produces a mobilization of the molecular structure of the organism, modifying energy. The green jade produces a general healing effect on the whole body.

Many people use jade sculptures in their homes or multiple ornaments; It is a stone that promotes positive energy in all aspects of life.

Mother Nature has honored humanity with the benefits of this precious and purifying stone. To maintain a balance and don’t lose health. Integrate your mind and body with a Jade Stone and carry a healthier and happier life.