Venture out on a journey to the center of your mind. Thegoal? Discover your virtues and some other defects. Know yourself through your drawings. When doodling pictures while distracted you unleash your imagination without noticing it. These spontaneous creations contain valuable information about you and your way of being.

What happens is that at the time your mind and imagination are distracted (including your subconscious) you are acting. So the next time someone calls you by phone, have on hand a pen and a sheet with a circle drawn in the center. Use the circle to make your drawings without thinking about anything, let yourself go!

If your drawings highlight the shapes as moons, suns, stars or celestial elements, you are a person who loves to go with the fantasy. Your manner is very idealistic. On the other hand, if your drawing are flowers or terrestrial nature elements, you are optimistic, happy, and a person who exudes a great vibe.

In your strokes predominate straight lines and drawing set seems quite symmetrical? This is because you analyze everything in detail. Sometimes you find it hard in letting yourself go by the dictates of your intuition. You are very responsible and study very well everything you say and do, but remember that there are times when you should relax and enjoy.

Your drawings are super different and do not seem to follow a logical order. If this is your case, so these scribbles are a reflection of your life. You and the order can not get along very well. You may not seem the most focused woman in the world, but always behave naturally and without masks. For that reason people adore you.

Spirals, three-dimensional and tribal forms… Your hobbies are music, photography, drawing and everything that you have to do with art. You have lots of talent, creativity and ingenuity. Moreover, even in your dress show a unique style.

Arrows: have clear goals and target them. You are a fighter and seek success in life until you achieve it. Do hearts predominate in your drawings? Love is your motor, you are totally romantic and your dream is to find the love of your life and being together forever.

If your strokes are rounded and geometric figures linked together, you are very loving. To be happy you need to spend a good part of your time with the people you love. You love giving and receiving affection. You are incredibly sensitive and tender.

These lines reflect what 54% of women drawn while they are distracted or doing some other task at the same time, and are the representation of their mind, according to experts in psychology. Find yourself through this test.