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Sagittarius Characteristics

Predictions for Sagittarius 2022: Sagittarius is a super companion and optimist, with an adventurous spirit, who loves travel and philosophizing until the wee hours of the morning. Tireless seeker, bold, enthusiastic, tactless, he is hilariously awkward and goofy. He has no filters when speaking: he can tell us the worst things with total freshness, perhaps he has not even noticed the force of his words. He hates routine, he is an excellent travel and adventure companion since for a Sagittarius there are no physical or mental boundaries. He loves freedom.

Predictions for Sagittarius 2022:


This year, what has cost you so much will finally materialize, all your sacrifice will be materialized and you will begin to see the fruits; so it is also time to stop looking for what you can never find, go with what you have and enjoy what you have in front of you. People will look to you for support, it will depend on your will. Remember: this 2022 you will be able to acquire what you dream of materially.


In the sentimental aspect, you have to be a little careful with your character, you could be very harsh with your words and hurt a person who is very sensitive. In August you will realize what you have to change for that person to be truly happy. Until that month you can suffer from a separation or put up with an inconvenient person; however, you end this situation or give that period as the maximum time for that person to change. If not, you leave her.

Sagittarians who are in a formal relationship will feel freer than ever this year, which is the result of having made the points very clear when it was time to do so. Therefore, now is the time to let the relationship run its course and for both of you to get the most out of it. Moments of great fellowship and camaraderie will be shared.

Humor will creep into many situations and sexuality will be so intense that Sagittarians will feel like they’re living a honeymoon. If the couple has to take a step forward, they will do so without realizing it, spontaneously and without plans. It will be the same inertia that we alluded to at the beginning that will take you to that next level.

Work and profession:

In May and June you will have more special vital force to dedicate to work, you will manage yourself with high efficiency and it will make you feel very proud of yourself. As it will be a time to stand out, keep in mind that it will be very easy for you to reach good agreements with your superiors because they will recognize your merits.

On the other hand, it will also be an excellent time to encourage you to make job changes, as well as to start your own business.

Sagittarius family and friends

As for the home and family, they will be areas where you will have a hard job, you will invest a lot of time in achieving your emotional well-being, hidden truths or conflicts that you did not resolve for comfort may come to light, it will be better to face them now, if you leave them again pass, when they resurface their effects will be greater and more difficult to manage. There may be luck with real estate, maybe you can buy the house you’ve been looking for, you may very well move or do a major remodel this year as well.

Friendship awaits you with open arms this year. Social life becomes solid and spending time with friends will take up much more time than you thought you were in a position to toast. The old friends and the new friends that will come will monopolize your days and you will feel like the protagonist. Your advice will be in high demand, as everyone will want to be like you.

However, you will also have to claim time for yourself, away from the glamor of parties and social presentations. You will need certain moments of introspection and reflection to enjoy this moment in your life and to develop the strategies that allow you to perpetuate it.


Neptune and Jupiter offer you an amazing intuition that, combined with your logical mind, allows you to foil all tricks from January to mid-May and into November. Saturn and Uranus will be pulling the heartstring between your desires and your possibilities during the year, which will sometimes put you off, but overall, you will be in amazing shape. However, you may lack some strength in April, July, the end of October and November, but Jupiter will keep your spirits high during the second half of the year.

The planets of your year 2022

  • Four planets in particular will play an important role in the existence of Sagittarius in 2022:
  • Saturn supports your long-term work.
  • Jupiter will take you to the top in the second half of the year.
  • Neptune tries to make you slide.
  • Uranus sometimes shakes up your everyday life with various surprises.

ritual for sagittarius

Sagittarius, take a bath of colored rose petals to attract happiness and abundance into your life. To do this, place the rose petals in a glass container and pour a red soda into it; after your usual bath, take the preparation and rub the petals on your body asking that you attract fortune, stability, love and good health. Then rinse with plenty of water. You can repeat this ritual every end of the month.

amulet for sagittarius

The amulet for Sagittarius for this 2022 is the horseshoe for protection and trust. In addition, to give them luck in business and the materialization of their wishes.

Recommendations for Sagittarius in 2022

Leaving the most important things to fate, not forcing things and taking charge of building what is part of your little universe are the basic tips for this year. If you want to achieve something and you make your moves to achieve it, you must be very attentive to the results, because if nothing happens, it is better to direct your energy towards another area, since this year asks you not to insist on achieving what destiny seems to deny you Although we must always be aware of others, this year that will not be a priority, since what the stars tell you is that you dedicate yourself to yourself: to discover yourself, to analyze yourself and to lay the foundations to forge your long-term future.