According to astrology experts, each sign is linked with precious stones that favor and protect it according to its characteristics, elements and ruling planets; because they can help transmute cosmic energies, which vibrate in the same frequency of the sign and at the same time absorb or repel bad energies, whether their own or from the environment. Discover below, which are the precious stones that, according to your sign, will help you receive the correct energies in your life:

Aries: although ruby ​​and red gems intensify the qualities of this fire sign, they will also be very well aspected, other stones like amethyst, smoky quartz, calcite, crystal quartz, jade, malachite, pyrite, rhodochrosite, rhodonite.

Taurus: Aldebaran is its brightest star, and in order to tune its energetic flow with Venus, green and slightly darker pink stones are used. Among them emerald, jade, green aventurine, peridot, malachite, rose quartz or rhodochrosite.

Gemini: citrine quartz and jasper will help to receive the positive influence of Mercury as ruling planet, although tiger’s eye, pink quartz, lapis lazuli, agate, calcite or amber will also be beneficial.

Cancer: for the fourth sign of the zodiac the white and silver lunar stones will exert great influence. Among them we have: pearl, white quartz, moonstone, crystal quartz, turquoise, emerald, diamond, zircon and mother of pearl.

Leo: as its ruling planet, the sun as king star gives it great vitality; which can be exploited using jade, emerald, sapphire, rose quartz and yellow stones such as topaz, amberamong other.

Virgo: sapphire, azurite, jasper, pink quartz and onyx are the main precious stones associated with this sign of mutable quality. Although other stones such as amethyst, agate and opal also benefit you.

Pound: Venus known for being the planet of love and seduction, governs the destiny of this sign, whose influence will be increased by using green and pink stones such as jade, emerald, rose quartz, sapphire or peridot.

Scorpio: this sign is influenced by the energies of Pluto and Mars as its two ruling planets, being the best gems to channel them: smoky quartz, obsidian, malachite, jasper, amethyst, pearl and ruby.

Sagittarius: as the ninth sign of the zodiac, it is well aspected by the energy transmitted by the blue and greenish Jupiterian stonesamong them: amethyst, azurite, turquoise, blue diamond, lapis lazuli and topaz.

Capricorn: Saturn, planet of time and karma, rules this sign and gives it an intense and powerful influence, which can be enhanced with black and gray stones such as amber, obsidian, onyx, hematite, coral or jet.

Aquarium: As their rulers, the planetary energies of Uranus and Saturn will impact the earthly lives of Aquarians. These can be intensified if metallic blue and gray stones are used. Among them lapis lazuli, sapphire, bovelite, turquoise, aquamarine or labradorite.

Pisces: Though stones such as pearl, ruby, opal and obsidian will give you a good energy influx. Under the influence of Neptune, blue, green and violet stones, such as moonstone, amethyst, aquamarine, jade, peridot; They will grant the twelfth sign of the zodiac, powerful energies that will help him materialize his dreams.

Now that you know what your gemstones are, you’re ready to intensify the influence of the cosmos in your life. Do you dare?