Through the centuries, gemstones have been associated with the signs of the zodiac, which later linked them to the birth months of each individual. Every birthstone has characteristics that can provide protection, bring good luck, or symbolize strong personal qualities such as loyalty and devotion; And if you want to know which gem corresponds to you according to your month, read on:

January: Garnet, represents eternal friendship and trust, this may be the most appropriate to give to a friend or friend. Its color is identical to the seeds of the Granada.

February: Amethyst, This precious stone serves to maintain the lucidity and sharpness of the wearer. Its shade between blue and violet has been associated with the power of royalty.

March: This month is related to two (2) stones: The Aquamarine, which was used by sailors for their protection and is also said to provide calm to its owner; Y the bloody, which is a dark green jasper stone with clear red flecks and is thought to contain healing powers.

April: The lucky ones who were born in April deserve the diamond. You surely know a lot about this gemstone, so I will just add that it represents love, joy and courage.

May: The Emerald, a charming stone, symbol of rebirth, good fortune and youth. It is characterized by its bright green.

June: for this month there are three (3) options: the Pearl, symbolizing purity, chastity, humility and innocence; the moon stone which is used to calm and harmonize emotions, integrating the emotional plane with the higher levels of consciousness; and the Alexandritewhich develops intelligence and the ability for all things.

July: The Ruby, represents health, wisdom, wealth and success in love.

August: The Peridot, It is considered one of the components of the famous magical talismans, with healing properties and protection of its owner.

September: The Sapphire, According to legends, it will provide protection against envy and damage to the loved one. This symbolizes heaven and attracts blessings.

October: Tourmaline, inspires passion and emotions, its beauty lies in the combination of its colors.

November: The Topaz, They come in a wide range of colors and are characterized by their golden color, practically it is gold made of stone. It represents joy and well-being.

December: Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise They are the three stones that represent the last month of the year. Highlighting Turquoise because it is said to prevent disease and has been widely used by ancient cultures around the world.

Knowing this information, you will now be able to choose the gemstone that goes according to the month of your birth, or have an inspiration for a nice gift in a piece of jewelry.