Prayers for sleep and prayer for insomnia (eliminate) fall asleep

Rzoes to sleep Recently we have been asked: What are the most effective prayers for insomnia? Could you post insomnia sentences? What is the best prayer to break insomnia? Could you tell me a good prayer for insomnia? What prayer to eliminate insomnia would you recommend? Do you know prayer to eliminate insomnia?

Taking all these questions into account, we will answer them below:


General aspects of insomnia

Many people around the world suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep. Understanding the reason that causes you can contribute to the solution of this problem, but it can also be of great help to ask God, through a prayer, to allow you to rest.

Saying prayers for insomnia will give you peace of mind and at the same time help you relax and get the rest that your mind, body and soul require.

Before we share prayers for insomnia and to sleep well, it is necessary to understand what insomnia is. This is a disorder that makes it difficult for a person to sleep satisfactorily and long enough for their body to fully recover.

Insomnia can have different causes such as:

  • Severe diseases such as cancer, asthma, chronic pain, among others.
  • Sedentary lifestyle (lack of daily activity)
  • Excessive consumption of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol
  • bad eating habits like eating a heavy meal at dinner.
  • excessive stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Traveling too much also affects a person’s sleeping pattern and causes Insomnia as the Body requires a proper routine to function well.
  • A sudden change in lifestyle, place or environment also causes Insomnia as the human mind and body need some time to adapt to new surroundings.

However, regardless of the causes, it is necessary to take into account that prayers for insomnia can help you.

Let’s see, then, prayers to sleep prayers for insomnia or to sleep better


compendium of sentences

Prayers to sleep #1 (To say before sleeping)

“Dear God, now it’s time to rest.

Just as you strengthen me during the day, relax my mind that runs towards calm.

Eliminate all stress and let me sleep on your lap. Amen»


Prayers to sleep #2 If you have trouble sleeping peacefully and want to have a cozy night, ask God to be with you. Become his son and demand his lap to sleep and experience magic.

God is not only our savior but also our father and mother; sleeping in his arms has created magic in my life. There are no nightmares, stress or thoughts that can come around you when you sleep in the protection of it. You can use this prayer for insomnia.

I have been fighting, my God, to sleep in peace for a long time.

Please let me sleep in your shade.

Protect me, Lord, and wake me up in the morning so I can live the life you want me to have. Amen».

Powerful night prayer for protection

Make, my God, sleep with your unconditional love.

Protect me from any nightmares and situations that damage my sleep and make me worry. Amen»


Prayers to sleep #3 Stress, depression and heavy workload are the main cause of nightmares. No matter how difficult your life is right now, never go to bed without asking God to be with you.

If you sleep in peace, you become stronger than any challenge. Ultimately, sleep patterns affect productivity and strength. So always use this sleep prayer for insomnia problems and nightmares.

“I work hard, my God, I follow all your guidance and try to be strong in my current moment of challenge. However, my stress and workload are affecting my sleep and causing nightmares. I beg you to protect me and my family while we sleep. Amen»


Prayers to sleep #4 In addition to being a great pleasure, sleeping well has very positive effects on our body. Place chamomile and rosemary in equal amounts inside a thin cloth bag, while visualizing yourself walking the next morning and feeling good.

Then say the following three times:

“Tonight I cast a spell to ward off nightmares. Where I leave a pinch of chamomile, a handful of rosemary too, so that the next morning I wake up feeling good.

Say this prayer now before you go to sleep:

Now that the flash of light is gone

We beseech you, Creator

that with his fatherly mercy,

You keep us in the light of your love.

May our hearts dream of you

that in the dream, they can feel you.

Let us sing again your glory

in the morning glow you will rise.

Give us health in this life,

renew our energies;

illuminate with your clarity

the terrible loneliness of the night.

Oh Father, hear our prayers

Hear us through Jesus our Lord

who reigns forever in his glory

with you and the Spirit of Love.



Prayers to sleep and fall asleep #5

My God, I come to give thanks for the day you have given me, for the food, for the people who have accompanied me, for the service and above all for salvation.

Lord, I want to deliver into your hands everything that didn’t go as I wanted today. The goals that I did not reach I deliver into your hands, asking for strength and faith to achieve them.

I ask your forgiveness for the times I have failed to do your will, strengthen my faith so that I can walk according to your purposes.

Renew my hope for a better day tomorrow. Bring new breath to my life emotionally, psychologically, financially, professionally and in any other aspect of my life that needs hope.

I don’t want, Lord, to spend my days without a purpose. Teach me to live each of them having relevance in the environment in which I find myself.

Keep my soul, my God, so that I can lie down and sleep well. Clear my mind of thoughts that may try to take away my sleep. I give you each of them.

I give you my projects from the heart, may each of them develop according to your will.

Lord, I ask that sadness and anguish, even bad memories that want to take my peace, even in dreams, be rebuked in the name of Jesus.

Let my subconscious work renewing my strength and giving me hope while I sleep.

Thank you for this moment of nocturnal prayer, I entrust it to the Lord. This is what I ask and I give thanks in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen».


Prayers to sleep and fall asleep #6

Grant me a good night’s sleep, my God, so that I wake up refreshed and ready to start another day loving you, oh merciful Father.

Thank you again for the blessings so undeserved and so numerous I can’t even count.

I love being your son, and I want to always do what pleases you.

When I wake up in the morning, let it be with a cheerful smile and not a grumpy spirit.

May your protection and presence bathe this place in peace and security from the enemy.

I also ask you, my God, to protect my whole family.

Goodnight Mr.

I pray and trust.



Prayers to sleep and fall asleep #7

Celestial father,

I trust in Your protection, so I will sleep peacefully and have a great dream.

I give thanks for the day that has passed and for the things that I have done. I thank you for what I have learned and for the challenges I have faced.

I am your faithful servant and I surrender my life to you, O Almighty God.

Keep away from me everything that can cause me any kind of harm.

Take away from me the thoughts that can disturb my sleep.

May I wake up tomorrow feeling restored, and may my day be filled with blessings and accomplishments.

I trust.

I think!



Recommendations for a good night’s sleep

Keep the same sleep schedule every dayeven on weekends and when you’re traveling.

Follow a bedtime routine: Use reading, relaxing music, or a warm bath or face wash to signal to your body and brain that it’s time to relax.

Prayer for insomnia (miraculous)

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Keep gadgets and screens out of the bedroom: From smartphones to TVs to laptops, both what they show you and how their «blue» light influences your brain can interfere with sleep.

Limit or stop consuming caffeine in the afternoon and eveningNote: It can interfere with your ability to fall asleep later, so skip coffee, tea, or caffeinated sodas at dinner.

try not to nap: This can disrupt your sleep cycle.

Do not use alcohol to fall asleep: When its effects wear off in the middle of the night, you may wake up and have a hard time getting back to dreamland.

Reduce fluid intake late in the day: A full bladder can wake you up at night.


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