Prayer to leave vices or addictions (alcohol, drugs and others)

Prayer to quit vices Addictions can vary in terms of concepts and forms. There are people who cannot live without cigarettes, alcohol, games, excess food, unhealthy passions, excessive sex or shopping.

However, there comes a time when the person loses control and that is when it becomes really dangerous not only for physical but also mental health.

If you have made the decision to leave the vice, because you believe that if you continue it could cause you harm, it is time to ask God for his collaboration through prayer.

Next we present the prayer to leave the vices


Prayer to quit vices (any addiction)

Lord Merciful Father, through the Holy Wounds of your Son Jesus, give life to all those who are imprisoned in an addiction, slaves to some vice.

Lord Father, full of mercy, by the painful and glorious wounds of Jesus, free yourself from the slavery of drug addiction, drinking, smoking, compulsions and lies.

(Say which addiction you need to break free from)

Break all those chains and shackles.

Lord Merciful Father, God of Life, through the Holy Wounds of Jesus, free the needs, traumas, heartbreaks and all spiritual, affective, emotional and moral slavery. Fill the void in the lives of these people to the point of achieving liberation from this evil.

Lord, through the five wounds of your Son Jesus, remove all these damages and give serenity to living and loving.

Lord Jesus, in Your Holy Wounds, we place the causes that led to addiction.

Deliver them from all need, from all rejection, from all heartbreak, from all bitterness, from all complex.

Deliver us from bad company, bless our friends, our family and all those who come to us.

Lord, by Your Holy Wounds, deliver us from addictions.

By Your Holy Wounds, Lord, deliver us from addictions.

Lord, by Your Holy Wounds, deliver us from addictions.


Prayer to quit the vice of alcohol

My God and my God! Keep away from me the enemy who is trying to take my life! Who is trying to get me out of you? My God and my God! Chain all the enemies who want to chain me!

I have always believed in your power! I have always believed that you are a strong God! An immortal god! I have always believed that you have never abandoned a righteous sufferer!

Now I know that you have rescued me from my enemies! You are my support! my emperor! My strength! The dildo of my feelings! My God! You are the light of my being! You are my truth that I have always believed and continue to believe!

I believe that you cannot abandon me in this moment of despair, anguish and affliction, because you are also the God of the desperate, the anguished and the afflicted! My God and my God!

Right now I feel like a beggar before you and you are also a god of beggars, because you are suffering! I feel weak before you and your teachings, but I know that you are also the God of the weak!

I feel oppressed before you and your calls, because you are my God! My rock! And my strength! That is why I give myself to you as a beggar, weak, oppressed, desperate, afflicted and anguished, but I give myself to you, Jesus, as your servant! This servant who wants to serve you with all (your) weaknesses and with all (your) strengths! Amen!


Prayer to quit drugs #1

Come, Holy Spirit, penetrate the depths of my soul with your love and power. Pull out the deepest and most hidden roots of pain and sin that are buried in me.

Wash yourself in the precious blood of Jesus and definitively annihilate all the anxiety that I bring in me, all the bitterness, anguish, suffering, interior, emotional exhaustion, unhappiness, sadness, rage, despair, envy, hatred and revenge, feelings of guilt and self-accusation , desire for death and escape from myself, all the oppression of the evil one in my soul, in my body and all the insidiousness that he puts in my mind.

Oh blessed Holy Spirit, burn with your blazing fire all the darkness installed in me, that consume me and prevent me from being happy.

I have destroyed in myself all the consequences of my sins and the sins of my ancestors, which are manifested in my attitudes, decisions, temperament, words and vices.

Free my lord, all my descendants from the inheritance of sin and rebellion to the things of God that I myself have transmitted to you.

Come, holy spirit! Come, in the name of Jesus! Wash me in the precious blood of Jesus, purify my whole being, break all the hardness of my heart and the barriers of resentment, pain, resentment, selfishness, evil, arrogance, arrogance, intolerance, prejudice and unbelief that exist in me. And, in the power of the risen Jesus Christ, deliver me, Lord! Heal me, Lord! Have mercy on me, Lord!

Come, holy spirit! Resurrect me now to a new life, full of Your love, joy, peace and fulfillment.
I believe you are doing this to me now and I take my deliverance, healing and salvation by faith in Jesus Christ my Savior.

Glory to you, my God!
Blessed are you forever!
Praise be to you, my God!
In the name of Jesus and through Mary our mother.


Prayer to quit vices (smoking, tobacco or cigarette)

“Deliver me, Christ Jesus, from the addiction to smoking. We know that he is an enemy presence in our lives because, instead of bringing us life, he brings us closer to death and sin. Teach us to use the money we spend on tobacco to do good deeds for those who need it most.

Help us to understand that we are harmed physically and spiritually by using these instruments of sin. Grant us the strength to say «no» when the bondage of addiction means «yes.» Build a barrier so that we don’t give in to the power of evil.

We ask your forgiveness for lowering ourselves so much and for hurting your divine heart, because by smoking we go against the promise of life in abundance that you promise us.

Do not allow, Lord, that the cigarette win us. Give us your strength to face this moment and may we be saved from this weapon that hinders history. For your kind love, we make a resolution to smoke no more. Confident, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we ask for more of this grace. Amen.»

Prayer to quit drugs #2

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Prayer to make to a person who has vices

Lord, in the name of Jesus, I ( SMC ) ask you to help ( EAM ) to be free IMMEDIATELY, through your power from drug addiction, especially the use of crack, cocaine and marijuana, that I have the strength enough to stop this terrible and destructive addiction once and for all, thus solving all your problems.

May the CHOIR OF THE NINE ANGELS help her obtain her personal and spiritual freedom. Praise be to Jesus Christ, Praise be to our Almighty God, creator of heaven, earth and sea, Praise be to the three holy angels (ANGEL MICHAEL, GABRIEL AND RAFAEL). May this wish of mine be strengthened in the light of MASTER JESUS ​​and may it come true as soon as possible, immediately.

By the HOLY TRINITY, FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT of GOD, that I, through this powerful prayer, help the spirit and body of (EAM) to free themselves forever from this damned addiction, so that (EAM) obtains end the respect, affection and trust of her family and of all those who live with her.

I ask Our Lord Jesus Christ to help me so that I (SMC) don’t have to worry anymore (EAM) about this damned addiction.


O Master, I beg you to grant my request. May it all come true as soon as you post this prayer. Amem.

Post this prayer asking, exalting the name of GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT, and you will have your wish come true. I (SMC) thank you now, because I know you will respond to me. Thank you; Amen.


Recommendations to prevent addictions

This ritual is aimed at people who have just come out of addiction and, as we know, the chances of going back to the beginning are high!

Then it is necessary to go to a church, hold the Bible in the left hand and read the Psalm 29 quietly! This prayer should be offered to the archangels Gabriel, Raphael and Michael.

After arriving from church, light 3 white candles as a way of thanking the archangels! Remember that the Bible must be open to the page of that same psalm for 5 days! Then you can leave it in the usual place.


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