Prayer to get a boyfriend and saint to get a girlfriend

Prayer to get a boyfriend and saint to get a girlfriend Today it is increasingly difficult to find a partner. Many say that the biggest difficulty in finding a girlfriend is the lack of options for those who want a serious relationship. Most people live just for fun, which creates a kind of «block» to start something fixed and lasting.

Therefore, it is recommended to pray to saints who intercede with God to find that right person we are looking for.

Here we present the saints to get a girlfriend or boyfriend who for centuries have been known as the ones who help the most in these tasks and pray to get a boyfriend.


Saints who help find a boyfriend or girlfriend

Saint to get a girlfriend Saint Anthony He is one of the best-known saints of the Catholic Church who answers the most prayers, and when it comes to love he is usually good and helps those who deserve it and also helps to find lost targets.

Saint to get a girlfriend Valentine’s Day He is a third-century saint whose feast is celebrated on February 14. Although there is some confusion as to which of the three possible martyrs named Valentine is the saint celebrated on this day, it is known that he was a priest or bishop in Terni, Italy, and that his love for God and faithfulness were all-encompassing.

Closely following the teachings of Jesus, he also had a great love for humanity. He is believed to have committed the crimes of marrying Christians and helping Christians persecuted by Claudius II, the emperor of Rome. For not giving up his faith and for trying to convert the emperor, he was condemned and suffered a brutal death.

Among other things, he is known as the patron saint of love, young people, boyfriends and happy marriages. Though you can pray to Valentine’s Day At any stage of the relationship, he seems to be the ideal go-to saint for young lovers and boyfriends.

Santo to get a girlfriend San José Adoptive father of Christ and dear teacher, Saint Joseph is a great friend on the path to marriage. Like many of us on this journey, St. Joseph’s journey was filled with trials, questions, and concerns, but he lived them all with faith and grace. Having been specifically chosen to be the Most Chaste Husband, Saint Joseph knows all the virtues necessary for a happy and graceful marriage.

When they’ve helped you find the right Mr. or Mrs., be sure to thank them at your wedding. Bring a bouquet of flowers to his statue after the ceremony and ask for his blessing on your marriage. Believe me, he will be happy to please you. Next, prayer to get a boyfriend or girlfriend


prayers and prayers

Prayer to get a boyfriend #1

Oh my Saint Anthony, protector of lovers, intercede for me and for my life and love wishes. Deliver me from all dangers, disappointments, failures and misunderstandings. Make me a safe, happy and worthy person to be loved.

That I find a boyfriend who pleases me and is virtuous, hard-working, responsible and faithful. May we know how to live together walking towards the future with wisdom and much love and may our relationship be extremely happy and lasting. And that we know how to seek mutual understanding, growing with faith and hope in God. Amen.


Prayer to get a boyfriend #2

Saint Anthony, I know very well that marriage is a divine sacrament, blessed by God. It is the sacrament that celebrates love, similar to the one that Jesus had for us and for the Church.

I feel called and prepared for marriage. Therefore, help me find a boyfriend who is good, sincere, kind, serious and who returns all the love and affection I feel for him.

Make us complete each other so that we form a stable and loving union blessed by God. May we be able to overcome the barriers that may arise in our life as a couple, such as family, economic and health problems. I ask you to always keep our love alive, so that harmony and respect between us never lack.

Saint Anthony, I beg you to bring me such a person, so that I can fill the void in my heart. And when you do, intercede for me and my boyfriend, walking us down the aisle and keeping us together for the rest of our lives. Amen!


Prayer to get a boyfriend #3

Saint Anthony, the Saint of all Saints of the Church, giver of many graces throughout the world, is praying this prayer because he needs your help.

I need you to help me increase a man’s love for me.

I need and want him to be my boyfriend and I know that with your powers this is possible.

I want Fulano (say his name) by my side, I want him to be my partner, my boyfriend, my man and my husband for eternity.

I wouldn’t make such a request if I knew I didn’t deserve it. I only ask for what I think I deserve and what really should happen.

Saint Anthony, powerful saint of the Catholic Church, I know that you will listen to this request of mine and that you will treat it with affection.

Loving is not a sin and neither is being happy.

I only ask for happiness in love with the man I love the most.

Help me, make So-and-so (say his name) my boyfriend and unite us with the bonds of union of the Catholic Church.

I know that you will listen to me, I know that I will be successful, I know that I will be happy next to my love.


If you have a Saint Anthony at home (you can buy one at any Catholic store) you can and should light a white candle next to it.


Prayer to get a boyfriend #4

Saint Joseph, I wish to ask you for the blessing of finding a good boyfriend who will really be my husband in the future. I understand that as a good Father, You have already provided this man for me.

I would very much like to meet him, as soon as possible or at the moment that you consider opportune.

I would like you to free me from those men who will do me no good, and to separate me from those who will make me grow and prepare me for marriage.

For my part, here I promise to fulfill your commandments so that in this way I can thank you and better prepare myself to be a good wife one day.

I understand that the best wife is the one she considers as her first love, that of God. I hope, even living like this, to attract a God-fearing man who seeks to love you above all else.

For my part, too, as I understand that the Lord does not confer anything in vain, I promise to take all pertinent initiatives to find my future husband. Tell me, Lord, what I have to do.

Model of the spouses, my dear Saint Joseph, I still turn to you to achieve this grace that is tremendous especially for me.

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