Prayer to forget a love that has hurt you (bad love)

Prayer to forget a love that has hurt you Forgetting a love, on some occasions, can be a really difficult task. However, nothing is impossible for God and prayer is a good way to ask the Supreme Being for his help.

Let’s see, then, a prayer to forget a love that has hurt you (bad love).


General features

First of all, you have to know that this suffering will not last forever. Certainly, the first days will be a bit complicated, but they will pass quickly.

After all, life is made of phases, throughout it, you will share moments and experiences with different people, but they will not always stay by your side forever.

The prayers presented below can be very helpful in this process.


prayers and prayers

Prayer to forget a love that has hurt you #1

Father in the name of Jesus, I come before you, and I confess my sins, oh Lord, I am in need of you, to eliminate all thoughts and all memories of that person who has hurt me.

Lord, I do not wish him (or her) ill, but my family and I need you to intervene and heal me, my mind and my heart, give me the confidence, again.

In the name of Jesus, I know that everything is possible through you, I also know that you died on the cross for our sins, and rose on the third day with all power.

Lord I need you, I ask for the blood of Jesus on me right now, on my family right now, Lord I bind all negative thoughts, all thoughts of that person.

Lord, I have prayed and asked that you take me out of the situation, please do not forget about me and quickly take away all memory of that person. In the name of Jesus, amen.

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Prayer to forget a love that has hurt you #2

My dear Lord… I come before you with my heart in my hands. I have fallen in love with a man I shouldn’t have loved and who has hurt me with his lies many times. I can’t go on with him.
I’m weak…I try to move on…but my heart keeps waiting to hear from him.
I don’t want to think about him or love him…

I ask you to give me strength to move on and not be sad.
I ask that you lift this burden from my heart…and let me think of our time together as a faded memory.
I request your help…. because without you dear Lord I am a weak person.
I ask for your help… to guide me.
In the name of the Lord… Amen.


Prayer to forget a love that has hurt you #3

Lord come into my heart and light up the darkness of my mind
I know that I have sinned by going against your love
Now that I have realized my mistake of being in love with someone who does not love me and who has hurt me
But you are a wonderful God who lived and died for me
I apologize for my mistake and grant me the strength to move on and leave my past behind…..
May I see what is good and preserve what is holy.


Prayer to forget a love that has hurt you #4

Dear God, please help me get that person out of my mind and out of my head.
I love him, but I can’t continue with a person who hurts me both physically and mentally

I need to get over it because I have
a bad heart and this situation is breaking it even more.
I just need to move on and quickly forget this bad love.
Make this pain go away soon and help me get ahead. Amen


Prayer to forget a love that has hurt you #5

God, please help me to forget it and forget the past.

I’m tired (or tired) of crying.

I want to move on, I want to be happy again, I want to be alive again, I want to move on.

God help me to forget it.




To forget a love that has hurt you, we advise you, in addition to prayers, the following:

Change your environment and get rid of the objects that bring back memories First of all, this advice is aimed at those who really can’t handle the other person’s belongings. If you are not affected by having these memories in objects it is also fine. However, if this does not make you feel good, you should get rid of these objects, this may be necessary so that you do not have to remember it.

don’t blame yourself Everything happens for a reason. Do not feel guilty for anything that has happened, do not measure your value based on the expectations of others.

Phone calls and social networks Finally, our last piece of advice is to let the other person go. He admits that if you broke up it’s because the relationship wasn’t going well. So don’t keep checking the person’s social networks to see what they post. Avoid making calls unless strictly necessary.


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