Do you know the powers and meaning of the Ankh Cross? We tell you that the Ankh, according to those skilled in the art, It is a powerful talisman from ancient Egypt, which is also known as, «Cruz Ansata». Its name translates into Spanish as «Life», and has been called for centuries as the key to life, granting it the power of immortality, as it is related to divine entities of Egypt, such as Osiris and Isis, for which they exist. many reliefs in which these divinities are shown, giving the Ankh to a pharaoh.

In Ancient Egypt, the use of the Ankh was reserved only for the most powerful priests and the high nobility., but as time passed, the people were able to access this symbol of life and immortality; being included in the funeral rites, placing this cross on the deceased person, as a symbol of protection.

Therefore, since ancient times the Ankh Cross has been considered as the protector of its wearer, as it is an amulet with a lot of spiritual charge, which It has healing powers, providing health, fertility, abundance and progress. In turn, it represents the compression of the cycle of life; which implies internalizing what longevity, wisdom, death and reincarnation mean), as part of the entire process of transmutation and transformation that man must overcome.

In Ancient Egypt, the gods were considered as givers of life and death, and providers of eternity, that is why they were associated with the Ank Cross, or key of life, because there was the conviction that, with her, the doors of eternity would open.

On the other hand, there is a theory, which associated the handle located at the top of this cross, with the woman’s uterus or pubis; while the sexual organs of men were represented by the T found at the bottom; considering that together, they symbolize the unity between both sexes through the sexual act, therefore, It is associated with reproduction and the reconciliation of opposites, to preserve the cycle of life.

Notably in the funeral acts of the kings, the Ankh Cross was placed on their lips, as a sign that death did not mean the endbut it was the beginning of another life, through a process of transition to eternal life, so its main meaning is immortality, and the ansata cross grants that power to the human being, when he dies and passes the plane. In fact, Isis, one of the first sorceresses and Goddess of fertility, was closely linked to this cross, and according to one of the ancient Egyptian legends, she brought Osiris, her husband and brother, back to life. .

In modern times the Ankh Cross is still framed in an oval, and is used to designate the planet Venus, preserving the association with opposites, that is, the feminine and the masculine, and is used in different cults of women. In addition, the Ankh Cross is a powerful amulet for its bearer, protecting him on a personal, family or social level, so it is often worn in jewelry and placed during meditations, to move the energies of the cosmos and connect with the spiritual planescausing divine healing energy to reach those who need it.

In alchemical processes, the Ankh Cross is considered as the ultimate symbol of transmutation or transformation, while for Christians it is an indisputable symbol of their faith, just as it happens with the Armenian and Irish crosses, which are believed to have been based on this cross from ancient Egypt, being made of metal alloys, precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum, carved in crystals, gems, wood, stone and even in clay.

However, if we go to the occult plane, we realize that the Ankh Cross of metals are recommended as personal amulets, and if they are made of wood or carved stone, they are generally used for the protection of the home. Also, occultists say that it is good to acquire an Egyptian cross, carved in a crystal, because according to them it is a talisman for health.

Finally, we are going to recommend that you carry out a meditation using an Ankh Cross, starting by putting on comfortable clothes, preparing the environment, eliminating possible distractions, placing incense and if you wish, playing relaxing music, take several deep breaths, relax, concentrate and try to visualize a white light that surrounds you, and bring to your mind the figure of the Ankh Cross, so that you receive its divine energy and bring health to your life, give thanks, take a deep breath and end the session. It is recommended that this meditation last from five to ten minutes.

Remember that the most important thing is to believe, to focus on a symbol that can bring benefits to your life, from the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual plane, so your attitude is essential to achieve your goals. .