The Power Jump is the method that is revolutionizing gyms. Not only because it helps burn calories, but it is also entertaining and innovative. In a 60-minute Power Jump class, you can burn up to 700 calories; that is to say, if the person attends at least three times a week, after a month big changes will be noticed.

This discipline that helps eliminate excess fat, consists of using a mini-trampoline or a mini-bed capable of withstanding the impact of a maximum weight of approximately 90 kilos and measuring more or less than 15 centimeters high and 1.20 centimeters in diameter. It is worth noting that the training is worked by time interval and with the music that the participants like the most.

In the words of renowned coach Maximiliano Estévezthe Power Jump is born in Brazil and little by little it became known in the rest of the countries of the American Continent. «It’s highly recommended for people of all ages, as it doesn’t strain your back or knees,» he says.

For his part, Fernando Bardi, also an instructor, adds that the platform was specifically aimed at the rehabilitation of post-operated patients for conditions such as those of the hip or knee. “Since the Brazilians put music to everything, they began to develop attention with it; then the physical activity program as such was started”, he comments.

Among the most notable benefits that people can experience after several sessions of powerjump They are: reduction of cellulite, better digestion, better posture in the lower back, more toned legs, abdomen and buttocks, greater energy, better functioning of the kidneys and reduction of stress. Another advantage is that when performed on a trampolinefuture problems on the knees and heels are not generatedas there have been many cases in the «runners».

Regarding the precautions to be taken when making powerjumpit is recommended that the instructor transmit to the participants of his class the loss of fear of the trampoline, since, many people refrain from practicing this activity for fear of falling. Specialists suggest taking precautions as simple as placing new or physically challenged students closer to the teacher so that they can monitor their movements.

It should be noted that as in any exercise, before starting the class; It is very important to do warm-up sessions to avoid the greatest number of injuries. At the end of the training, localized work is done as part of the stretching, in which the abdominals are strengthened, and the arms and legs are toned.

However, the powerjump it is not advisable for people suffering from vertigo, panic attacks, older adults, pregnant women, and those with breast problems. For the rest, you can already begin to join the «leap of power» and see changes in your lives.