It is common that among so many gems the diamond is known as the most expensive and beautiful crystal among all; however, among the other stones there are many that have barely been discovered and others lie hidden somewhere in the world, but that can become just as valuable and beautiful; and that thanks to their chemical composition, crystalline structure and optical characteristics obtain great value in the gem market. One of the most beautiful crystals found is poudretteite, join us to learn more about it.

This particular pink mineral is considered a perfect gemstone, and was discovered in 1987, in Quebec, Canada; however, there are records that indicate that in 1960 seven poudretteite stones with a hardness of 5 on the Mohs scale were found. Its strange name is received in honor of the Canadian Poudrette family, who are the owners of the mine where the first sample of this incredible crystal with a weight of 9.41 carats was found, this mine is established in the Saint-Hilarie mountain. and here also other types of crystals were found in this mine.

In 2002, these strange stones began to appear in the market in the north of Mogok, in Myanmar; and in 2005 this mine where this poudretteite was extracted was appearing more and more empty due to the fact that no more of these precious stones were found. On the other hand, Canada showed the world a series of more than 290 stones of varying quality.

Due to these characteristics, it is one of the strangest stones in the world, along with gandidierite and benonite., since it has been found in one part of the world and only about a dozen of this stone exist. Its sale value depends on the saturation of color and its purity, there are light brown, pink, and purple stones, while it is a stronger color, the higher its cost, which ranges between 2 thousand dollars and 10 thousand dollars per carat .

The world of gems is enchanting and fascinating, many would opt for a beautiful diamond with many carats; however, the simple beauty of poudretteite is unparalleled, and this is one of the lucky minerals to be called a precious stone, so it should not be underestimated. This is one of the great rarities in the world, which over time will acquire greater value due to its limited number of existing stones, so receiving or owning one of these will be a true privilege but above all a great luxury.