Potato spell to give me money (potato ritual)

Spell of the potato so that it gives me money The potato is a perennial herbaceous plant, native to the American continent, specifically from the area that now includes Peru, with stems up to 80 cm and edible tuberculate rhizomes, which have stolons.

The leaves are hairy, compound, pinnate, divided into 7 to 12 divided segments. The white or violet flowers have five petals and five sepals, and are grouped in dense terminal cymes. The fruits are globular berries of a greenish or purple color, with numerous reniform seeds.

It is believed that it was one of Francisco Pizarro’s collaborators who introduced it to Spain and its cultivation soon spread throughout Europe. Despite the ups and downs of its popularity in the 18th century, it continued to spread to other continents until it managed to become one of the essential ingredients of international cuisine.


Healing properties of raw potato

It contains glycoalkaloids (solanine, present especially in the green parts), terpenoids (phytuberine), enzymes (amylase, sucrase and oxidase), polyphenolic compounds and vitamins B1, B2 and C. It is a good food, rich in starch and potassium salts.

The raw potato, grated on a cheese grater, is used to reduce the inflammation of abscesses, boils, felons, insect bites, etc. The preparation of the potato should be changed every two hours.

A hot poultice of boiled potatoes is very good for curing colic in children; in this case the poultice is applied on the belly

To whiten your hands, an excellent home remedy is the following: prepare a paste of potatoes with milk. For this purpose, white potatoes that are very starchy are chosen, peeled and then mashed well; once crushed, a quantity of raw milk is added. The application of this paste is done every day or two or three times a day, but before applying it, you have to wash your hands with warm water and soap and dry them very well.

The whiteness of the hands is noticeable after a few days. The poultices of grated potatoes and kneaded with olive oil, are indicated to cure first degree burns.


Spell of the potato to give me money

Spell of the potato to give me money


1 potato
Red ribbon or thread
a pen or knife to engrave


Find your potato, cut it in half. With your sharp object, ‘write’ (engrave) on one of the inside parts what you want to bring into your life and if it is money, write this word. As you do this, focus your intention on how you will feel when it happens.

Now, on the other half (inside), “write” what you will bring with you. eg The amount of money he needs for his education, buying a house, etc. He can simply draw a dollar sign ($) or your country’s currency and as he does so focus his intention and how he will feel as a result.

The energy you send to the potato will help the spell work, so you will attract what you want. Don’t get caught up thinking about what you don’t want or worrying that you’ve forgotten something. (no need to dig up the tip so you can add more words or images)

Tie the red ribbon around the potato and bury it somewhere where you will see it all the time. The front door area is recommended, so you can see it every time you leave the house or arrive (and yes, it can be in a pot, intention is everything!).

Every time you pass by, focus your intention on how it will feel once the spell has worked. Really feel the joy, fulfillment and happiness as if it has already happened.

A potato spell takes time to work, so don’t give up if you don’t get instant results. However, if you are lucky enough to get an instant grant of your wishes, remember to be grateful. The potato can stay there as long as she wants, she doesn’t have to dig it up after her spell has worked.


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