Each person is an individual entity that creates their living conditions, makes their choices and has their own lifestyle, according to the circumstances and living conditions that they have had to live. Many people who were born in low-income households, where there is an unstable family nucleus, have had to struggle much more than others who have had the good fortune to be born into a family with a higher purchasing power.

But, many of those boys and girls who were born and grew up in unsuitable places, have known how to get out of poverty little by little, overcoming the difficulties and obstacles that the environment has put in their path. And that is mainly due to that great desire to improve, to the constancy and perseverance that they have put into the work that they have carried out, to the saving and planning, even if it is empirical, that they have had to face life and satisfy their needs. needs.

Today, that large number of girls, boys and young people are successful adults who are role models for millions of people. We would make an extensive list of important people in the world to emphasize the importance of planning in the personal context, but we are sure that the three stories that we will present below are instructive for each of you.

We’ll start by naming Howard Schultz, who is the current president of the Starbucks coffee company, and that in quality has a fortune of 2.5 billion dollars. Just as you read it, Billions, and who was going to believe that a man who came to sell his own blood was going to reach so high.

His story begins in New York, where he lived in a building subsidized by the government to help those who could not even pay a rent. Without much hope of getting out of poverty, Howard dedicated himself to sports, putting all his efforts until he got a scholarship with which he could help himself and became the first in his family to study at the university.

Later he left the sport, his scholarship was withdrawn, he did not have money to pay for his career, but he knew he wanted to become someone, so he took out loans, worked as a waiter with a miserable salary, and since it was not enough, he even resorted to to sell his blood for money.

All these efforts and his planning, perseverance and commitment, led him to arrive at Starbucks, the largest coffee company in the world, where he began working in lower positions, until reaching his current position of CEO and achieving the great fortune he has. nowadays.

Another admirable example is Oprah Winfrey, one of the best-known television presenters in the world; who, in addition to television programs, has written famous books, and even owns her own television network.

But, Oprah was not born in a golden cradle, since she lived in extreme poverty, since her mother was a teenager and single and they barely had money to feed herself, so her grandmother helped raise her, and she made dresses for her with sacks of potatoes and had his first pair of shoes at the age of six. In addition, she suffered sexual abuse at age 14, becoming pregnant at that young age, but her baby was premature and died at birth.

This history of suffering and pain did not stop Oprah, and with her intelligence, ability to communicate, hard work and perseverance, she has come to position herself as one of the most successful women in the world. To reach her goals, she worked almost for free at a local radio station as an announcer to gain media skills, which allowed her to gradually move up the ladder and was hired by other channels, landing her first television show at 32 years.

Finally, we have Jeff Bezos, current Amazon CEO, whose personal fortune is valued at about 59 billion dollars, although years ago he could not even pay for his studies.

His story of hard and constant work began when he was just a child, on his grandfather’s ranch where he worked laying pipes, repairing the windmills and giving him eat the cattle Subsequently, worked at McDonald’s for a whole summer to be able to pay for his vacations, while still a teenager, but who showed an enterprising, constant attitude and who had very clear objectives, which undoubtedly facilitated his path to success. Thus, he began to teach his friends to save and pay for his own university studies.

In this way, Jeff Bezos, upon finishing his studies at the university, had the opportunity to work in several companies related to information technology, and then work on Wall Street and in a well-known bank. However, he wanted to be independent and found his own company, starting in the home garage, up to converting to Amazon in the giant that it is today, risking leaving the job that paid him very well, to become a great entrepreneur and achieve his true dream.

Citing these examples of famous people and millionaires who were very poor, we do so in order to convey a message to all those women entrepreneurs who want to get ahead in a changing world that requires a lot of work and effort, and above all a proper administration of resources and time, which can be done if they are capable of organizing, planning and setting clear and precise objectives.

In this way, we can say that personal success depends largely on planning, which can not only be seen from the workplace, but also from the personal, family and social level, where the individual develops. Hence, my friends, if we learn to plan ourselves, we have taken a step forward to achieve our objectives in less time, do not forget that they will be effective to the extent that they produce more in less time.

Therefore, planning is a stage of administration that any person should have, let’s stop seeing it as something exclusive to companies, and start using it in our families, in our personal lives; since, if we know how to plan well, we will be able to cover our needs and expectations in the best way and in a faster way.

It is important to note that in 1916 Henri Fayol was one of the first theorists to define the functions of administration, pointing out 5 administration functions that are basic to be able to obtain satisfactory results in the achievement of the objectives and goals outlined in any organization, and that can be applied to our personal environment. These functions are: planning, organization, management, coordination and control, also stating that these functions are universal, and therefore administrators must be able to apply them in their daily work.

Thus, the fact of planning all activities taking into account future conditions facilitates the establishment of strategic objectives that can be achieved through the effective development of procedures and activities that would ensure their achievement, so that a good action plan must be precise and based on unity, continuity and also have some flexibility.

Even when things get difficult, we must organize ourselves, coordinate our activities, keep track of them, and evaluate the entire process to make our corrections. Without realizing it, we are applying the principles of management in our daily lives.

Therefore, let us no longer think about what we must do, let us plan, and that implies setting objectives and goals, so that we can apply the mechanisms that help us to act and carry out everything that is necessary to achieve those objectives and reach the goal, then we set new goals, and so on.

This whole process, of course, requires perseverance and commitment, since it is useless to plan ourselves in theory, until we write our objectives and goals on paper and then not act. Remember that your thoughts, your words and your actions must go hand in hand, they must have coherence, they must correspond. That is why through this article we invite you to reflect on it, to carry out tests and correct errors, all of which is valid within the spectrum of planning possibilities.

And you may think, I’m not good at planning, so then seek guidance and help from a friend, family member, a specialist, or through these simple tips that you can find on any web page. There are no excuses to try to include good planning in your daily life, start with making a simple notepad, creating a mental map, writing down every pending issue, from your purchases to your doctor’s appointment.

In this way, you will be able to overcome obstacles, and when you undertake a project to increase your income, you will be able to take into account every detail of interest that serves to achieve the objective and final goal. If you venture into an area that you do not know, ask for advice and make your calculations properly, if they do not convince you, you have the alternative of changing your mind, if you start and fail, take the positive from the experience and start again, the important thing is not stagnate and immerse yourself in pessimism and complaint.

If you can internalize the keys of planning and its importance, you will be able to understand that it will lead you to coordinate, control and evaluate each of the steps that lead to the achievement of the objectives, remembering in turn that a general objective is accompanied by objectives. specific that lead you to the general, it is a process that must be fulfilled consistently.

Finally, through this article we want to motivate all enterprising women and men who have dreams, who seek to progress through work, ideas, concrete and effective actions, in order to satisfy not only their economic needs, but also recreational, social, human and even spiritual, to evolve in every sense of the word.