Pisces Woman and Taurus Man

Love compatibility between:
Pisces woman – Taurus man

The horoscope gives the Piscean-Taurine bond a good love compatibility. They can last many years as a couple.

In reality the relationship is based on friendship, rather than love; that is, there can be a lot of collaboration, camaraderie and affinity in ideas.

The Taurus man always likes to study every movement of his life, since he is very aware of his needs, he knows what he wants at all times since he is very realistic and stubborn. The Piscean admires those qualities of Taurus.

love and happiness connect

Venus leads Taurus, the planet of love, and Pisces is led by Jupiter (luck) and Neptune (illusions). When the influences of Venus (Taurus) and Neptune (Pisces) come together, they create a fantastic spiritual compatibility.

Both the Taurus and the Pisces radiate with soft, feminine energy, and in combination, they form an idealistic bond that borders on divinity.

Jupiter adds masculine energy to this Taurus-Pisces combination. This planet represents philosophy, development and excesses.

Love compatibility between Piscean and Taurus

This beautiful compatibility made up of the Pisces woman, and the Taurus man is generally happy and harmonious.

The love relationship between the Pisces woman and the Taurus man tends to be based on good karma and mutual support and understanding.

While the Pisces woman is an impressionist who wants to idealize and dream, the Taurus man is more practical. The Pisces woman and the Taurus man can nurture their relationship and keep their experience stable and balanced without major problems.

what can be offered

The Pisces woman and the Taurus man have a lot to offer each other. The Taurus Man, by his virtue approach to things, can point out to the Pisces woman in what ways she can turn her dreams into reality, and in return.

The Pisces woman will offer the Taurus man understanding, tenderness, kindness and compassion, the characteristics that the Taurus man loves in his woman in the zodiac sign of Pisces.

From time to time, the Taurus man probably won’t be able to understand the Pisces woman’s seemingly simple outlook on life. In reality, of course, Pisces is not a simple sign at all.

The Taurus man can help the Pisces woman stabilize her sensitivity; he he can insert a bit of «magic» into the practical way of solving things. But both must be careful because too good is not good.

The Taurus man is always ready, persistent, stubborn, practical and focuses on one thing at a time, while the Pisces woman loves the feeling of transition from one thought to another, depending on the mood.

Problems occur when the Taurus man may be tired of the emotional instability of the Pisces woman, and the Pisces woman may feel that the Taurus man is not emotional enough when it comes to her needs. Taurus optimism can «kill» the flexibility that Pisces have.

life compatibility

The Taurus man strives towards an experience of unconditional love, enjoys family gatherings, a relaxed atmosphere at home, and prefers dining by candlelight.

The Taurus man is warm, sensitive, and kind. He is very attached to his parents, children and many loving animals.

For the Taurus man, paradise is a peaceful family life.

If the Pisces woman wants to have a marital experience with the Taurus man, she must fit into that image. The Pisces woman in marriage is completely given, and she is not subject to restrictions.

A Taurus man must give himself to the Pisces woman without reservation, and if he has the desire to make the marriage between them successful, he needs to share everything with his woman in the zodiac sign Pisces.

With little effort and happiness, the Taurus man and the Pisces woman can become one soul.

Piscean marriage with taurine

These two signs, the Pisces woman and the Taurus man, together can create a love relationship or a love marriage of the fairy tales that both have always dreamed of.

In this compatibility, you can feel that paradise has come to earth. From an astrological point of view, the problems in this marriage and romantic love nest are in the fact that this fantastic fantasy connection between the Pisces woman and the Taurus man can consist of just that: dreams, illusions and fantasies.

In any case, the Taurus man and the Pisces woman are highly compatible signs for marriage.

The good thing is that, in general, these two zodiac signs can easily find a way to overcome their differences and problems, and enjoy their marriage experience.

The Pisces woman can teach the Taurus man that common thinking can sometimes bring better results (two heads are better than one) rather than a fixed, one-sided solution to things one way.

Taurine and Piscean sexual compatibility

The Taurus man in sex is extremely sensual and thirsty for touches, smells and appropriate music. Although a Taurus man is not especially inventive in bed, he is characterized by durability.

The Taurus man is a great hedonist, as he wants to try good food, so he enjoys intimate moments.

This man wants a long foreplay that is completely suitable with the Pisces woman’s desires, as a Taurus man may take offense if the Pisces woman is in a hurry.

The Pisces woman should not forgive kisses because the Taurus man needs to feel close with what we assume that the Pisces woman is the perfect person for him. That is why the Taurus man rarely goes on adventures.

In sex, the Taurus man is passionate, he is delighted with the Pisces woman’s touches and hot spots. The face is the erogenous place that excites most of the man in the sign of Taurus.

A sensual Pisces woman knows how the smallest nerve in the Taurus man’s body works. Pisces are incredibly cautious lovers who, during sex, can interact with their Taurus partner without words.

Because love is spiritual food for the Pisces woman, she evokes declarations of tenderness from the Taurus man.

A Pisces woman loves the warm appearance (just like the Taurus) and enjoys simple things like the appearance of her beloved man.

The emotional excitement between the Pisces woman and the Taurus man releases erotic fantasies, and they are considered for an incredibly imaginative match. The erogenous zones of the Pisces woman are the stomach and the joints.

The Pisces woman needs to show the Taurus man how much she respects him and how much she appreciates the sweet little things in life that the Taurus man offers her.

With the Taurus man, the Pisces woman will be just as happy as she is in a crowded crowd, as when sitting at home.

The sensual and gentle side of Pisces develops the sexual imagination of the Taurus man, and that’s very nice.

For any negative thoughts of the Pisces woman, the Taurus man can offer her a positive solution or a positive way of thinking about every problem.


How to improve this relationship

The Piscean-Taurine bond has good love compatibility, but to guarantee a happy couple, an extra effort will be necessary.

Although the Piscean is romantic, she does not ask for as much affection as other signs. The problem is that many Tauruses are not usually as affectionate as she would like. This is a topic that should be discussed in depth so that the Taurus learns to express, at least with small gestures, his love for his Pisces woman.

Beware of jealousy! especially by the bullfighting. Do not generate mutual jealousy because they affect the relationship.

In the Piscean-Taurine bond there is usually a great passion and initial attraction: they were fascinated with each other. Unfortunately, this leads to idealizing each other, to seeing each other as perfect but, over time, they can become very disappointed when they begin to come into contact with each other’s real flaws.

The Piscean woman is a very interesting woman and this is very attractive to the Taurus. It is essential that she does not lose that charm that makes the bullfighting man fall in love: spark, intelligence, creativity, optimism. They are key words that she must memorize and put into practice all her life.

The Piscean-Taurine couple always dreams and plans for the long term, luckily they coincide a lot in their goals. But they can also be very disappointed if they do not meet them or if they feel that their partner makes little effort to achieve them. It will be essential to always strive to meet the proposed goals, otherwise this link could easily be disarmed.

It is also important that this Piscean-Taurine link has components of a good friendship: fellowship, adventure, etc. If it lacks these characteristics, the relationship will become boring and may dissolve.


The best aspect of a Pisces woman: Taurus man love match is the compatibility and harmony of their varied emotional nature.

The fact that these two signs believe that the support and commitment of each other is the key to any marriage relationship and love will keep them in a strong community in the long run.

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