When we talk about a perfect relationship between Aries and Libra, We do not necessarily have to refer to similarities, because many times couples in their differences manage to mesh to build a solid love. These two elements, fire and air combined can result in a great relationship, fire finds food in the air to become more powerful; as the air blows harder, the fire gets hotter. therefore, let’s see what are those factors that can make Aries and Libra form a perfect relationship.

Among Aries and Libra there may be only an initial attraction, however, as time goes by the novelty wears off, and there may be too many differences for the relationship to work in the long run. unless there is a very strong base of love and good will on the part of both signs to adapt the strong personality of each one and overcome the marked differences that exist between them. In other words, these differences can be the reason for a great union or a definitive estrangement.

In this sense, the characteristics of these signs must be studied to understand why they can attract each other, as well as repel each other. Aries is a very resolute, determined, temperamental and often bossy sign, with an innate tendency to jump to conclusions or judge, although he may be aware that he is making a mistake in doing so, while Libra is quite stubborn, but takes his time to make a decision, trying to see things from different perspectives, which makes him more reflective.

This Libra way of being can exasperate Aries, who may take your reaction or indecision to circumstances as a personal offense rather than understand your real motive. For his part, Libra will also need to feel that Aries sympathizes with his breadth of perspective and his discretion in making decisions, and that may be the first short circuit between the two.

However, there are aspects that bring them closer, such as the fact that both Libra and Aries are very sociable, but each is so in their own way, since while Libra needs to analyze conversations and personalities carefully, Aries prefers to stay on the surface. and, subsequently, move on to new conquests and experiences. Libra is more cautious and Aries is more adventurous and determined.

This is why, if a combination Aries and Libra manages to overcome the difficult beginnings of their relationship, where the differences can be accentuated, then their compatibility can improve until they build a stable and solid relationship. In this way, if Aries curbs impatience, he will be able to discover elements in the personality of his Libra partner, which will fascinate and attract him, and Libra in turn can understand the impulsive reactions of his Aries partner and not give them so much importance, instead of feeling threatened by them; a quite promising balance can be achieved for the relationship.

On the other hand, the elegant, diplomatic and charismatic personality of Libra suits Aries very well, since they know how to handle difficult situations when the impulses of the impatient Aries and ready to make decisions at the moment, to make the emotion arise. surpass reason; That is why it is in those moments that Aries values ​​his travel companion the most.

Aries in its positive aspect is adventurous and energetic, reckless and courageous, daring, enthusiastic and dynamic, with a lot of spark and the ability to direct and command others. He believes himself to be number one in everything he does, but in his negative aspect he can become self-centered, domineering, selfish, impatient, impulsive, always wanting to be right and wanting to do things his way, without listening to advice or recommendations. .

As for Libra, it should be noted that in his positive aspect he is very diplomatic, cautious, elegant, polite, romantic and charming, which makes him easy to get along with and sociable. His idealistic, peace-loving, just and fair, beauty-loving and harmony-loving personality makes him a charming person who can attract many people. But on the negative side, he often becomes indecisive and touchy, easily influenced by others, self-indulgent, very smarmy or flirtatious, with poor willpower, which can exasperate anyone.

Consequently, a perfect relationship between Aries and Libra must overcome these differences, where each one finds in the other the elements that control their weak points. Since Aries is ruled by the god of war, he is determined, brave and risky, while Libra follows the patterns of the goddess of love, she is sweet, delicate and very refined, differences that can form a beautiful couple, where Aries brings strength and decision and Libra charm and caution.

Hence, in this relationship the saying prevails that the opposite poles attract, being a zodiacal couple a clear example of How does the Law of Opposites work? So, Aries, with his innate thirst for conquest, generally decides to undertake the relationship when he feels completely dazzled and motivated by a Libra, who seduces, and who subtly sets his conquest plan in motion, and with his looks, gestures and smiles they achieve their goal: conquer that impulsive and fiery Aries. Therefore, they are so different that they combine perfectly.

Now, in a relationship of opposites, who rules in the relationship? To answer this, it must be taken into account that, although Venus is the ruler of Libra, which makes it docile, loving and sociable, they are not passive at all, on the contrary, they are very capable of wearing the pants and making important decisions as they can. make an Aries

Therefore, seeing the leadership and decision that Aries represents, this does not mean that Libra allows everything to be imposed, so we are not dealing with someone who gets carried away, simply their ways are softer, their tactics more discreet. . Therefore, each one from their style or perspective tries to send. Aries, being a fire sign, will be more direct and passionate and Libra, being an air sign, will behave in a more cerebral and detached manner.

So, the love between these signs could be something wonderful, when they manage to be on the same page, especially on the subject of freedom because they are both lovers of it. However, it must be considered that demanding freedom is not the same as giving it, which can be put to the test when Libra begins to socialize, take care of other people’s interests and spend a lot of time with friends, which makes Aries suffer or worry. considering his dose of self-centeredness, for which he must control himself so as not to fall into resentment.

But, if Aries is able to control his impulsive temper, he will be able to easily access the heart of Libra, which is always looking for balance, responding with clever and surprising love games, as well as trying to reduce a little his continuous escapades with friends.

If you are from Aries and you want to conquer someone from Libra, try to show him your achievements, but never try to confront a Libra, since he will surely not talk to you anymore, putting you on the list of «dangerous» friends. In this sense, the couple Aries and Libra It is a typical couple where the Librans will always try to calm things down and the Arians will always seek to cross the limits. That is why, if the two parties need a partner to help calm or modify their basic characteristic, they could have a perfect relationship.

As in all cases, the union of two signs must always take into account the evolutionary level of the people, and how much they are willing to learn from each other, complementing each other to achieve common goals, valuing the qualities of the other, and contributing through effective communication solutions to the difficulties encountered along the way. Thus, Fire and Air can complement each other to make a perfect combination that lasts over time.