Peacock Mayan spiritual meaning, in the Bible, tattoo and Feng Shui

Peacock Mayan Spiritual Meaning The peacock is a gift from the gods and is considered sacred and special. Whenever you see a peacock, don’t ignore this magnificent creature because it carries a lot of spiritual meaning and symbolizes great depths of spiritual enlightenment.

Let’s see, next, the peacock Mayan spiritual meaning.


General features

The Mayans They divided the calendar into 13 months of 28 days each, corresponding to the time it takes for the Moon to go around the Earth. Therefore, a year was equal to 364 days. Day 365 was considered a bad day, to be used only for meditation.

According to the Mayan civilization, each individual was born under the protection of a God, endowed with a name with strong symbolic resonance, which will determine both the character and the destiny of each one. In the case of the peacock, this corresponds from November 15 to December 12.

its symbolism

Peacock mayan spiritual meaning #1 Characteristics The peacock was born to shine wherever it goes. They are outgoing, charismatic and get everything they want. Even despite himself, he always becomes the center of a meeting and among all his tricks deployed, humor is the star.


Peacock mayan spiritual meaning #2 Peacock woman She takes care of her image and is sometimes exotic or even eccentric. They are daring and like to wear all kinds of clothing accessories.

As for love, she is a rebel and she knows it very well. Because of her personal character, she would like to have someone who would never shield her. But she couldn’t suffer an easy man either, because for her her man must deserve her admiration.


Peacock mayan spiritual meaning #3 Peacock man He is a born leader. He is smart and has a certain charisma, two qualities that will take him to the top. However, he must be careful because his intelligence is so sharp and quick that he has a tendency to be overconfident and lazy.

He follows his impulses and impulses, and this is how he comes up with his unique ideas, but also how he falls into problems from which he can only barely escape. For him, adventure is the spice of life and without it he would be terribly bored.


Peacock Mayan spiritual meaning #4 Love and friendship (complementary signs) The best friends of the peacocks are those born under the moon of Jaguar and those born under the moon of Bat, with whom they will close lucrative agreements and share their ambitions.

The Tortoise will act in a complementary way with the Peacocks, as it will bring some calm and wisdom to their hectic lives. With other signs, the Peacock will flirt and have fun.


Peacock Mayan spiritual meaning #5 Peacock son born to shine. If you have a peacock child, you should encourage him and not clip his wings. The peacock spirit in you is a source of limitless creativity. Let your imagination fly and you will become a creative adult who will delight the world with your ideas.

Most Peacocks are outgoing, charismatic, and natural born influencers. Although they try to hide it, they like to be the center of attention in every meeting, and they certainly are.

They also have qualities of soul alchemists. They know how to turn negative into positive. Their light radiates into the hearts of those around them.


Symbolisms in other cultures

Peacock spiritual meaning (in other cultures) #1 Reprpresents royalty The peacock is also a symbol of royalty. The beautiful colors of this magnificent creature make it a royal animal.

If you visit some palaces in Africa, you will see the peacock feathers in the throne room. This animal is always associated with royalty, majesty or government.

It has such an elegance that no other animal can compete with it. Therefore, whenever you see a peacock, it is a symbol of royalty.

God deliberately puts the beautiful colors of his feathers to convey a message to us. The peacock lets us know that our life can be beautiful and regal if we choose to experience it. Therefore, for us, the peacock symbolizes royalty. It is a royal animal that beautifies the palace.


Peacock spiritual meaning (in other cultures) #2 It is a symbol of long life ANDhe peacock is also a symbol of long life. There is a story related to this. It is said that the only animal that refused to eat the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden was the peacock and for this God blessed it with immortality.

The result of the peacock’s devotion to God’s instructions gave him long life and the ability for his body to be preserved even after his death. Therefore, whenever a peacock is seen, it is a symbol of immortality, long life, resurrection, and vitality. This is not a common symbolic meaning of the peacock, but it has a lot of symbolic meaning and you should pay attention to it.


Peacock spiritual meaning (in other cultures) #3 Symbolizes integrity and honesty The peacock is also a symbol of integrity, honesty, and openness. This is something you will always find in a peacock. While others see it as pride, the peacock is one of the most sincere and honest animals.

Show your true colors without hiding anything behind. It gives you a complete vision of the elegance and beauty of it. Therefore, whenever you see the peacock, you are seeing complete honesty and integrity.

There is nothing to hide in a peacock. There are no skeletons in a peacock’s closet. You should carry this special symbolic meaning with you everywhere. When the spirits send you a peacock, it is a symbol of complete honesty and openness.

These are the different symbolic meanings of a peacock. As small as a peacock is, it is held in great esteem by the gods and is a special messenger to men.

Others see the peacock as the harbinger of rain, because of how they dance whenever they hear the sound of rain. Others see them as the harbinger of the multiplication and fruitfulness of crops and agricultural products.


Peacock spiritual meaning (in other cultures) #4 The importance of living life with joy The peacock is an animal of great beauty and amazing. Every time you see a peacock display its colors, the heart fills with wonder and joy. This is because the peacock is a messenger of good news.

It conveys a message of joy and happiness. The peacock gives us a lot of happiness even in the face of an apparently negative situation and circumstances. The peacock is a channel of communication between our consciousness and the spiritual world.

Therefore, whenever you see the peacock, it means that the spirits are telling you to be cheerful. The spirits are telling you to be full of joy.


Peacock spiritual meaning (in other cultures) #5 Opportunities in the spirit world As enchanting as it is to see a peacock, this is exactly how your life will turn out. The moment you see a peacock, you should prepare yourself.

The universe is giving you a promise of endless joy. This is especially for those who are going through a lot of negative circumstances and situations. This is especially for those who have gone through traumatic times, which have negatively affected their mindset.

If you are like this, the peacock brings you a promise from the gods. The peacock brings you a promise of joy. With the appearance of the peacock, you are about to enter a cycle of endless joy in your life.

This will happen because you will receive a lot of good news and good reports. Things will suddenly start to change and you will start to find true joy in your life.

Therefore, you must be vigilant. If you are going through difficult times, then pray to the universe to send you a peacock. Once this occurs, then it is time to look forward to endless joy.


Peacock spiritual meaning (in other cultures) #6 It sends us a message of love If you have gone through heartbreaks or betrayals when it comes to friendships or relationships. So the peacock is here to solve that question. The peacock is a creature of love. He is good looking; therefore, it is not difficult for the peacock to find a mate.

Therefore, if the peacock appears to you, it means that your love life is about to change. You are about to meet the love of your life who will stay with you forever.

If you have been praying for a soul mate, then the appearance of a peacock is a message to you that your prayers have been answered. Therefore, it is up to you to correctly position yourself and your mind to attract love when it starts looking for you.


Peacock spiritual meaning (in other cultures) #7 It tells us to never settle for mediocrity The peacock conveys a message of quality. Every time a peacock appears to you, it is a message from the spirits for you to reject mediocrity.

If you have allowed yourself to settle for mediocrity due to fear or the wrong environment, then it is time to get out of there. It’s time to become valuable like the peacock. It’s time for you to stand out among your peers.

This is true and it is a message to decode from the peacock. The peacock arouses a strong passion and the desire to never settle for less.


in tattoo

What does the peacock mean in tattoo The peacock tattoo image signifies self-confidence, ambition, accomplishment and spiritual wisdom.

In general, that a peacock feather eye tattoo represents spiritual wisdom.


In the Bible

Meaning of the peacock in the Bible In Christian symbolism, the peacock shows eternity, life, and the resurrection. The peacock sheds its old feathers every year and grows new ones. This shows a new beginning and a rebirth. The peacock is also mentioned in the Bible in verse 1 Kings 10:22. It says that King Solomon brought peacocks with Hiram’s ships.

Furthermore, Catholic churches have beliefs and spiritual virtues associated with peacock feathers. The early Christians believed that it was a sign of purity of the soul.

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Peacock feng shui meaning

The peacock in the feng shui it is a symbol of fame and love and its images are suitable to be placed in the south and south-west corners of the house.

However, they are not recommended even in bedrooms. It is suggested to keep them in common spaces such as the living room.

Finally, keep in mind that if peacock feathers are used as decorative elements, they must be placed upside down.

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