The owl is an animal considered esoterically as a mediator between the world of consciousness and the spiritual. This creature was an important symbol in Ancient Greece, representing to the goddess Athena, queen of wisdom.

In most cultures, the figure of the owl is related to the protection of the underworld and the help that comes from the dead. He is characterized by being a night hunter, stealthy, with sharp eyesight and wrapped in the mystery of messages and omens coming from a dark side.

Horned owls are beings that arouse admiration, being the only bird in the world capable of beating the golden eagle during a flight. Something very significant, taking into account the size and its nocturnal condition in front of this bird of prey; it is a reason to think about the evident dominance of a warrior reacting in front of a challenger.

It is an animal with a perceptive awareness of everything around it. In addition, he possesses amplified vision; expressing inner and instinctive clarity in everything you look at and a clairvoyant psychic side that guides his enormous intuition. It is the tight link of the shadow world, and the real universe where the force of light prevails.

The owl is the ruler of the night and the guardian of the souls of the dead; therefore in its natural state as a living animal of material space, it is a forecaster of the climatic conditions of the time. A wise oracle of magical knowledge, for being a faithful companion of seers and sorcerers.

Of all the figures used in the amulets, this animal maintains the hierarchy; being used as protection for good luck and above all carrying intuition within the spirit of the person who wears it. It also has the fascinating magnetism of attraction; for which all the doors will open in its path, separating the negative forces.

If you feel that you are suffering from sorcery manipulations, carried out by third parties; it is appropriate to wear this amulet around the neck. Likewise, you can install an owl figure in a corner of the door in your house; preventing evil spirits from entering the interior of the house. In the channel «Youtube» “tv spells”, they explain the preparation of an owl talisman.

Similarly, worn by students around their necks, in their briefcases and backpacks; It will bring innumerable benefits, activating wisdom and intelligence for learning in studies. In the same way, it will remove the envy of other classmates and above all it will remove those people who intend to harm them through vices.

It is a very precious badge when you have to carry out a financial transaction, make an investment or try to solve an economic problem; this amulet will help you choose the right path. Therefore, if it is about solving or satisfying a need, put your total trust in God and in the energy that this magnificent talisman can provide you.