One of the most characteristic features of fashion, it is the ability to reinvent itself from one season to another, from year to year or even from decade to decade. At each opportunity, textures, ideas, models, trends are shown that, without a doubt, revolutionize the lives of many women. In this opportunity we will talk about a characteristic trend that the autumn winter 2018 – 2019 season brought and that is open sleeves.

The origin? almost inaccurate, It’s said that Victoria Beckham started it all by wearing this trend to attend Harry and Megan’s royal wedding.which went viral, but the truth is that it was shown to the eyes of the whole world at fashion week in the French capital, Paris and by one of the most classic haute couture brands such as Chanel.

The proposal of the fashion house of Coco Chanel, which first opened its doors in 1910, left winter fabrics aside to present a new proposal in sequins, satin and tulle; to bring your evening designs to life. Lightness and delicacy are presented with a chiffon or tulle sweater with an embroidered top. Also, the classic Chanel house suit acquires much more movement thanks to this cut of the sleeves.

The presentation took place last July, as is customary, the parade took place at the Grand Palais, in the middle of a scenery that evoked walking along the Seine river. Its creative director Karl Legerfeld, surprised by showing the classic suits of the firm with this trend of skirts and open sleeves. Additionally, it was surprising to see that she took care of every last detail, because the impact of materials and satin fabrics that define their originality are hidden inside them. As for the color palette, the signature colors black, white, gray are taken up and a little violet and pink were added.

Finally, will you join the trend of open shirt sleeves? If you risk it, wear your shirt with the cuffs unbuttoned. and if possible, with a much better detail on the side of the shirt, this will further enhance the visual effect of a small-scale side layer that this trend offers.