Odin’s stone –

Odin’s Stone: A witchstone, or Odin’s stone, is a rock of any kind that has a natural hole through it caused by a stream of water.

Where are they?

They are usually found in streams, rivers, or along the seashore.

They have a powerful magical influence to protect themselves from witchcraft, since the belief is that magic cannot work on flowing water and since these stones were formed by the action of the water current.

This protective power keeps the person who possesses it safe from negative actions, envy, spells or rituals committed against it.

Considered gifts from the Mother Goddess, finding and collecting one of these stones is a magical act in itself, which entails the particularities of the case. The perforated stones are considered consecrated to the Divine Feminine for remembering the primordial Vagina, from where life arises. Some witches even place a few drops of their menstrual blood in the hole of these stones as an offering to the Goddess and to strengthen their power.

Odin’s Stone: Name’s origin

According to an ancient legend, the god Odin deceived and betrayed the guardian of the mead, a magical drink capable of granting the gift of poetry and eloquence to whoever drank it… to access it, he became a worm and pierced a large rock. … and thus he achieved his goal, to steal the precious mead. For this reason, the perforated stones or witch stones are known by the name of Odin’s stones.

And they must be found not drilled or created, but natural. These hard-to-find stones are considered powerful protection stones that can be worn for personal protection (worn as an amulet, either hung or worn), hung on doors or windows to protect a home or business, or even hung near the place where a pet sleeps to protect the pet.

The custom of venerating these stones is especially in Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, in Scandinavia, as well as in Gaul. Apparently anywhere the Phoenician (Hebrew) Druids settled.

The most famous Odin Stone was located at Stennis (Stenhouse) in the Orkney Islands of Scotland which resembles Stonehenge, and may in fact be larger. The name «Stenness» derives from the Old Norse «Steinn-nes», meaning «stony promontory».

Odin’s Stone: Functions

  • Nordic beliefs say that pouring a lot of beer through the hole and giving it to a woman in labor relieves labor pains.
  • An Arab belief indicates to tie this stone around the neck. of young camels served to ward off evil spirits and the evil eye.
  • This stone is usually tied to the front of ships to keep them afloat.
  • It is used on a person to force him to tell the truth.
  • An old belief ensures that the wearer can see the world of fairies and goblins through its orifice and be protected from their charms.
  • Those stones that are large, are used as «weather protection» by tying a rope to the hole and turning it tightly over the head like a propeller to dissipate winds, rain clouds, snow or storms.

Traditions claim that fairies and some benevolent spirits may inhabit these stones or even that they are entrances to the faerie realm. They say that finding stones with holes, the so-called witch stones, makes it easier for us to see fairies, especially on solstice days and the Night of San Juan. Seeing fairies through these stones requires a ritual: According to tradition, on the eve of the Night of San Juan, when looking through the hole in these stones, we can see Fairies.

It is also said that we can only see them if we have our feet in fresh water and it is a Full Moon.

Finding a stone with a hole in it is a special sign of favor from Diana, the queen of the fairies. The one who does so will take it in her hand and repeat the following ceremony:

I have found a sacred stone in the earth. OH! Destiny, I thank you for such a happy find.
Also to the spirit that on this road
has guided me;
And is this really good for me
My good luck!

One of the most curious spells is in chapter IV of Aradia or The Gospel of the Witches written by Charles Godfrey Leland (1899) and serves to invoke the favor of Diana through a holed stone that must have been found by chance.

Finding a round stone with holes in it, be it big or small, is a good sign, but it should never be given away, because the receiver will then get good luck, and some disaster will befall the giver.

Finding a round stone, raise your eyes to heaven, and throw the stone up three times (catching it each time), saying:


Spirit of good omen,
Who of art comes to help me,
Surely I was in great need of you.
Red Goblin Spirit,
From the moment you come to help me in my
I pray that you don’t abandon me.

I beg you to enter this stone now,
So in my pocket I can carry you,
And when you have any need,
I can call you to help me,
Do not leave me night or day.
If I lend money to any man and not
will pay his debt when it is due, I will invoke you,
And Your Red Goblin, you will make him pay his debt!
And if he stubbornly refuses,
Go with it your cry “Brie – brie!”
And if he sleeps, you’ll wake him up with a jolt,
You will cover his eyes and scare him!
And you will follow him closely everywhere he goes.
Teach him with your incessant “Brie – brie!”
That his obligations would be forgotten and
you will be in trouble until he pays his debts.


And my debtor the next day will bring the money
that you owe me or will send it to me immediately,
Then I will pray to you:
OH! My Red Goblin, come to my aid
Or if I fight with the person I love,
So, spirit of good luck, I’ll pray that you go
To her while she sleeps and you take her by the hair,
And bring her to my bed at night!

And in the morning when all the spirits go
To his repose, before you return again to stone
you will take her back to her home,
And there you will leave her asleep. Therefore, spirit!
I beg you to make this stone your home!
and obey me in everything I command you.
You will always be in my pocket
And you and I will never part!

Fairy stone is a stone with a small depression in the surface in which liquid offerings can be made to nature spirits and ancestors. It is also known as a stone cup.