obsolete technology definition

Obsolete technology is any technology that is no longer in use or has been superseded by other technology (which may or may not be state-of-the-art).

Reasons why a technology can become obsolete:

* Poor performance compared to new technologies.

* Inability to find the right spare parts.

* New technologies that replace the old (substitute technologies).

* Two or more technologies released at a given time and that compete with each other, but where one ends up surpassing the others.

* Commercial strategies.

Problems with outdated technology

The main problem with obsolete technology is in the garbage and pollution that the accumulation of these can produce.

One of the typical solutions is the recycling of this old technology, but many times it is not well implemented or is not done at all.

Obsolete technology in a forced way

Certain technology has a useful life programmed by the company that develops it. For more information read: Planned obsolescence.

Why does a technology become obsolete?

– Technical obsolescence: this obsolescence occurs when a new product or technology supplants an old one and becomes preferred. For example, the adoption of optical discs (CDs, DVDs…) over cassettes. For more information see: technological obsolescence.

– Functional obsolescence: items that become functionally obsolete when they cannot adequately perform the function for which they were created. Manufacturers and repair companies generally stop supporting products once they become obsolete. This ultimately makes it expensive to keep old technology running.

– Planned obsolescence: manufacturers sometimes deliberately introduce obsolescence into their products. For more information read the full article here: planned obsolescence

– Style obsolescence: when a product is no longer desirable because it is no longer in popular fashion, its style is obsolete.

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