New Year’s rituals to clean the house or home (cleaning)

New Year’s rituals to clean the house The rituals outlined below are simple to do and are adapted to the specific needs you may have at this time in your life.

You can make them during the time of celebrations like the new year. Let’s see, next, the rituals of the new year to clean the house


New Year rituals to clean the house

For the first part of the ritual you need a small aluminum mold, a pound of magnesium sulfate, a bottle of regular alcohol, a box of matches, and disposable gloves. For the second, which attracts everything you are asking for, you need a vase and some fresh flowers.

Locate the mold in the center of your house and add a well of sulfate and another of alcohol. Ask God to protect you and help make the cleanup successful. With great caution and under your responsibility, light the alcohol and visualize how through the fire the negative is transformed into good energy; stay in front of it until it turns off.

Then let the mold cool. Then place the flowers, one by one, in the vase, at the same time that you ask for all the graces you need. End the ritual with a deep gratitude because you know that you have been heard and your requests will come true in no time.

This cleaning is special to banish any type of problems that you have had there, including economic difficulties. Get four small aluminum pans and add a handful of baking soda to each one.

You will need to place the molds in each of the four corners of the construction. Change them every eight days for a period of eight weeks. At the end, thank the universe for helping you solve the different problems in your life.

In addition to the above rituals, it is also convenient to make a bundle of leaves of sage, tie them up and turn them on. Then place them in a container that is resistant to heat and go from room to room in the home so that every corner is impregnated with the aroma of sage. Do this action 15 minutes before the New Year.


Rituals for the house at the end of the year

Many times our home is messy (shoes are thrown everywhere, you can not find the book you want to read due to the number of objects on the shelf, etc.). However, this situation can be reflecting that something is happening within us that makes us feel confused.

If we accumulate objects without reason and in a disorganized way, there will come a time when there will be no more space. Hence the need to learn to free oneself not only from the accumulation of physical things but also sterile emotions (stress, resentment, selfishness, etc.) that will only cause conflicts in the future.

The new year and the entire month of January are presented as a propitious occasion to carry out a home organization that can help achieve the much-desired harmony in many homes.

Below is a guideline to eliminate those objects that are in excess and that can give a feeling of stagnation.

clean the cabinets It is one of the places that presents the most disorder in homes. It is recommended to start ordering them little by little, leaving room for the new that you want to enter life.

tidy up the kitchen Perhaps the second most disorganized place in the home is the kitchen, as we sometimes put too many items on shelves and countertops, creating an overloaded atmosphere. Therefore, it is recommended to put, in it, only what is going to be used.

To clean the bathroom The third place where there can be saturation of objects in the home is in the bathroom, which can cause discomfort and nervousness. You have to keep it clean and free from the clutter of towels and objects scattered everywhere.

Be aware of the entrance and hall They are considered the «mouth» of the house, it is the place where friends and guests enter and get a first impression of the place where they live. If you have many things piled up next to the door, it symbolizes that life is a daily struggle and opportunities cannot easily enter the home.

It is necessary, then, to remove any furniture that hinders the entrance. If you have a nice painting, it should be hung there, and if the hall is large, you can place plants or sculptures. It is necessary that the hall is welcoming and pleasant.

Organize other areas of the home A messy coffee table causes concern, it is important to keep it tidy and free of unnecessary objects. A fruit center or a vase with live flowers should be placed.

A desk in the messy study room will create confusion and anguish, you will not know how to maintain control in life. It is very important to dislodge it from any object that is not usable in it.

The corridors or corridors cannot be cluttered, since the energy cannot reach other areas of the house. IF they are crowded, the energy in these places will generate feelings of inability to progress.

Attics and attics are places full of memories, which prevents us from progressing in life by living in the past. A thorough cleaning is required, which will help in future vacuuming

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final recommendation

Do not throw everything without thinking first. It is not about eliminating anything that is in front of us. It is necessary to reflect a little before. It is recommended to keep those objects that we like and that are clearly significant.

However, if there is an excessive accumulation of this type of objects, it is convenient to take pictures of them in this way that, when they are thrown away, you will not have that great feeling of loss.

As for emotional cleansing, the daily practice of relaxation methods and yoga is recommended, which will help release and eliminate those negative emotions that we retain inside.


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