The dances are a cultural manifestation and heritage of the nations; It enables the expansion of the horizons of each town that has its customs and traditions united. On the other handvarious rhythms and music have a rich history of different genres that make it unique and spectacular.

The Russian dance is a sample of the artistic and cultural evidence most rooted in the most valued customs of Russia. This practice has something very typical of any dance: the range of movement, the courage, the combination of poetry and a great sense of one’s own identity; In addition, it expresses the strength and power of its people. Let’s get to know a little about each of their most popular dances.

«Kadrill»: It is performed by four or more couples in a rectangular formation, and each one must face the center of the square.. Is characterized by simultaneous and rapid movements. It has its peculiar features and the songs are performed with the rhythm of the accordion.

“Jopak”: is a folk dance from Ukraine. His movements are based on jumping sharply, but with his arms in the shape of a cross and tightly closed; the dancer must say aloud “jop”; and in turn, drink a potato liqueur similar to vodka. Also, in the realization of the dance, the traditional clothing is very important; as usualIt is decorated with bright colors and abundant embroidery.

“Barynya”: It is a very lively folk dance combined with a traditional poem. The dance consists of placing yourself in a squatting position and stamping your feet during the dance; a small group of verses that are chanted several times is usually repeated at the party: “landlady, landlady, lady, boss”.

The huddles (“khorovody”): It is another type of rhythm that also stands out for the combination of movements and large number of participants; They hold hands or the ends of handkerchiefs to start the activity. There is a good repertoire of songs from groups that in a lively and multifaceted way, reflect the working life of the peasant and all of his festive daily life. Likewise, some are distinguished because they have burlesque or satirical characteristics; however, they earn the affection and admiration of the people.

“Karajody”: the accompaniment is with music but without songs, and the musicians are inside a circle and interpret the most popular melodies of the region. The companions are distributed in pairs or trios without holding hands and move in a clockwise direction; the young women dance facing each other, turning around and marking the same rhythm.

«The Perepliás»: members they move with great force, skill, originality, and with a bit of humour. During the movements, numerous turns are given; the one who repeats the ingenious turn, but in a more complicated way than his rival, is considered the winner.

The dance expresses the customs of a culture that fully identifies with the national identity of the people. Russia is rich in diversity of festivals and dances; It is the source of a cultural treasure!