Leggings are a basic, very practical and comfortable garment that, if combined properly, can be used a lot, since it is a fresh and appropriate option for different occasions. However, when wear leggings, usually some mistakes are made, which can spoil everything, so keep in mind what you should not do so that this garment does not become your enemy. Join us!

wearing the wrong size: Although most leggings are made with elastic fabrics, molding very well to the body, this should not be abused and opt for smaller sizes than those normally used. Doing so runs the risk of deforming the figure and marking the underwear, which could be considered a fashion error. Don’t buy a size larger either, because they will look saggy and make your style look sloppy and unattractive.

wear see-through leggings: The fabrics used to make these tight pants can be very thin, becoming almost transparent to the point that you can see the underwear; For this reason, you should avoid this type of fabric and choose leggings that look thicker, which will allow you to show off the whole outfit better.

wear skin-colored leggings: When these skin-colored pants are worn, it gives the impression that nothing is being worn, which is a tacky visual effect. Choose colors that do not resemble your skin tone, to prevent others from getting a big scare by thinking that you are not wearing pants.

Wear brightly colored leggings: Leggings in very bright colors tend to look a bit exaggerated, grotesque and in bad taste, and if you want to look modern, but well dressed and causal, then cross these colors like yellow, green or fluorescent blue from your list; neither should you exaggerate with very subdued colors, and stay with the most neutral ones.

Wear white leggings: White leggings are not the most appropriate to form an outfit, because they can easily look dirty, cause imperfections, seams and underwear to show. Therefore, the best solution is to discard them.

Let the underwear show: This is a big mistake to allow underwear marks to show through. Perhaps it is one of the most common mistakes that many women make when wearing leggings, for wanting to look attractive and striking, and they fall into the realm of the vulgar.

Wear them printed: This is unsightly, and on the other hand it makes both the legs and the hips look wider. If you want to give life to your look, get it with the other clothes, such as a nice printed blouse or a jacket in a bright tone, while leggings are best worn in a neutral color; black is ideal for those women who want to hide the width of their body, and look slimmer.

wear worn leggings: The wear of the type of fabrics used to make the leggings, It is normal; and that is why small balls appear that make the garment ugly, or they become transparent and loosen, so take a good look at them before putting them on so that you do not look careless and unfeminine with a worn garment.

Wearing “watery” leggings: If you do not want to spoil your style and look disheveled and very careless, do not wear leggings that have already lost the elasticity of the fabric, and look loose and watery, it would be an unforgivable lack of glamor.

Wear them with short tops: A common mistake is wear leggings with crop tops high above the hips, making the style look a bit vulgar, regardless of whether you have a statuesque body or not. This look is valid for sports, going to the beach or the pool; but to go to work, walk on the street or go to a meeting, it is not the perfect combination. The ideal is to wear a blazer, a blouse or a slightly long shirt that covers both the back and the front.

The unsightly “camel foot”: One of the most common mistakes when wearing leggings is wearing a model that accentuates the visual effect called «camel toe» or camel leg, this expression is used when women exaggeratedly mark their crotch. This can happen due to the cut of the garment, the type of body or the underwear that is being worn at the moment. To avoid this, it is recommended to wear a long blouse, so as not to draw attention to this area.

wear them on the hip: The main problem with wearing leggings at the hip is not that they are uncomfortable or that they come down, but that they bring out the love handles, something that without a doubt can look very bad; so it is preferable to use high-waisted ones that stylize the figure.

Wear them with sandals or open heels: In reality, wearing leggings with this type of footwear, in addition to making your legs look shorter, does not look as good as you would like and for many it may seem in bad taste. Closed high-heeled shoes, such as stilettos, are ideal to wear with leggings, making this simple garment look very elegant.

Opt for poor quality: Choosing poor quality clothes, to save a little money, is one of the most frequent mistakes when buying and wearing leggings, since the fabrics tend to be thin, therefore, they are quickly damaged and your look will look sloppy, in addition that they can become transparent, show the seams, in short, when acquiring them you could be making several mistakes in one.

Don’t forget these common mistakes when wearing leggings and you’ll be guaranteed success when wearing them for any occasion.