The planet Chiron It is a smaller celestial body that was discovered on October 18, 1977, by the astronomer, Charles Thomas Koval at the Observatory of dovecote mount, in USA. The first name that this astral entity received was 1977 UB. Then, thanks to one of the centaurs from Greek mythology, 1977 UB Happened to be called Chiron.

The curiosity of a centaur planet. The fact that Chiron was named after a centaur from Greek mythology is based on a particular characteristic. Chiron is a half-asteroid, half-comet planet, so it was very simple to make the likeness of the ancient half-man, half-horse creature.

about its orbit. Chiron remains orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, which makes it a unique ruler among the rest of the hundreds of asteroids found in the solar system. Although the size of Chiron is not so important, since there are many other larger celestial entities, it is worth noting the way in which ancient astrological writings already referred to him in natal charts.

Already between the years 1500 BC and 4000 AD, its position in the great and magical solar system was calculated. Although his passing is considered eccentric, many astrological consultants rate Chiron as a mediating planet between the imposing force of the so-called ‘Guardian of the Spheres’, which is Saturn, and the rest of the celestial entities. In the same way, Chiron usually represents the side of the wounds in the natal charts, thanks to the Greek myth that haunts him.

Chiron was the son of Chronos (Saturn) and Philyra, but at that time, Chronos was Rhea’s husband, and when the latter found him in full intimacy, Chronos fled in the form of a horse. His mother had a difficult birth, and from the product of the undignified union, Chiron was born half man and half horse. Philyra rejected him, and after asking the gods to free him from caring for his son, he was taken away by the gods, while Philyra was turned into a linden tree.

The gods educated Chiron to be a shaman, skilled in healing, plants, as well as the art of war, ethics, and culture. They say that one day, Chiron was accidentally wounded with a poisoned arrow, causing a wound so incurable that not even Chiron himself could heal. As the condition of eternity was granted to him, then, Chiron remained wounded and immortal.

By its nature, Chiron is reviewed as unworthy and inappropriate, so, in his passage through any of the zodiac signs, astrologers emphasize the power of influence it has on the characteristics that can embarrass a person. Chiron has the ability to expand those of the deepest wounds, and resurface the most intimate complexes that may be had.