Minimalist Engagement Rings: Why Choose Them?

Minimalist engagement rings are a great option for those who don’t want an engagement ring that is flashy, big, and the center of attention. Lately there is a trend towards turning things around and simplifying them, and in the world of bridal jewellery, more couples are opting for engagement rings that are simple, discreet and classic.

minimal rings may seem like a simple trend, but one of the benefits of these ring designs is that they are not likely to go out of style. Unlike some trendy engagement ring designs, it is unlikely that minimalist rings look outdated in the future, and a few small diamonds and well-chosen designs can have as much impact as a large stone.

What is a minimalist engagement ring?

Minimalism is the notion that less is more. It’s about highlighting those things that we value and eliminating the things that distract us from them. Applying this to engagement rings involves removing excessive embellishments and flare to have a ring that is simple yet elegant. That is, you can have all the elements of an engagement ring only on a discreet scale.

So according to your tastes, you decide on a minimalist ring instead of choosing a ring with a lot of embellishments, such as larger diamonds, a setting with more elaborate tips and a thicker band in general, you can opt for a delicate and small ring with small stones and a very fine band. They are both beautiful, but they will be very different. Neither style is better than the other, everything will depend on your preferences and style.

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How to choose minimalist engagement rings?

There are many types of simple and discreet rings in the world of jewelery. Let’s look at some essential features of a minimalist style ring.

unadorned band

A smooth, thin, unadorned band gives a clean, minimal look, which is very simple and discreet. Regardless of the thickness of the band and the size of the stone, a simple solitaire always looks clean and minimal. The thinner the metal and the smaller the stone, the more minimalist it will look.

You can also go for a metal band with a rustic finish for a boho-style look.

smaller stones

Choose a smaller diamond or gemstone for your engagement ring to emphasize the delicacy of the design. A small stone can still shine and look as attractive as a large stone. Most people want a 1 carat diamond, but this varies around the world.

Choose its setting

The most popular engagement ring setting is the classic solitaire, where the diamond is held with 4-8 prongs. The tip fit is timeless and beautiful, allowing for maximized light output while keeping the stone protected.

However, you can also opt for a bezel or recessed setting for a more minimal look. With the bezel setting, the stone is surrounded by a metal edge, which keeps it safe and protected from damage, exposure, and strong shocks. The flush fit is where the stone sits flush with the metal. This is also a position that gives the stone a lot of protection and keeps it safe. Nevertheless, both settings tend to minimize the shine of the stone due to the excess metal used to hold it in place.

Add some unique features

To make your ring stand out from the masses while remaining discreet, choose to add some unique features to it. For example, you can choose your stone to be horizontally rather than vertically for an instantly intriguing look.

Some ring designs feature a combination of gemstones, such as the ring under which you combine ruby ​​and diamond in a unique way. The end result is a ring that is simply beautiful.

Nature-inspired elements

Minimalism is about keeping it natural and simple, and nature inspired designs are a great way to add some natural looking features to your ring. Leaves, vines, and flowers are popular choices and can be used in many ways.

Another way to do this is by opting for a rough gemstone, such as rough diamonds, rubies, or sapphires. Rough diamonds especially look very attractive and are often paired with rustic settings.

Should you buy a minimalist engagement ring?

You may have wondered if a minimalist engagement ring is right for you. Minimalist rings are perfect if you identify with one or more of the following:

  • If you prefer something small and discreet that is comfortable to wear on a daily basis and does not interfere with your hands. Not many people think about this, but a big, flashy diamond ring can be a headache. They tend to get caught in everything from sheets to hair and clothing. In addition, they can make it difficult to write or actively use your hands for work. If you plan to use it daily, minimalist rings might work better for you.
  • If you don’t care what the norms of society are or what other people think. Many people opt for large diamond rings, as it is what “everyone does”. It is what society says, so an engagement ring must be a diamond, and the bigger the better. But you need to think about whether it is what you really want. Remember, an engagement ring should be a symbol of your love and commitment to your other half, not a fashion statement dictated by social expectations.
  • If you do not want to spend a large amount of money on your engagement ring because you prefer to invest that money in something worthwhile instead, like a house or a trip. Most diamond engagement rings are very expensive, and you can find beautiful minimalist rings for a lot less than half that of an eye-catching ring.
  • If you like small and delicate jewels and have always liked them. Now you won’t want to suddenly change your style and rock a huge rock because it just doesn’t feel like you.