If you prefer minimalism in jewelry, surely you are a lover of jewelry with a simple and elegant style, whose designs are based on the principle that «less is more», a postulate that was born as an artistic movement, after the Second World War; being in the sixties when it began to develop, but it was in 1919 when the famous «less is more» was postulated, in the German Bauhaus school.

In this context, the minimalism represents an artistic trend, which is based on the use of elements in the least amount possible and whose shapes are basic, pure colors, simple geometric shapes, natural fabrics, etc. These principles are used both in fashion and in the world of jewelry, where simple jewelry is designed that provides elegance as accessories to make any style shine and provide elegance and distinction.

This is how the minimalist trend in jewelry has been imposing itself cyclically and temporarily, as a response to the excesses and opulence of XXL and baroque jewelry, excessive in their details and with a conception of beauty based on exaggeration. of shapes, colors and textures. Next, we are going to present some minimalist designs from famous brands, which have opted for simple and sober jewelry, with basic geometric shapes and pure colors.

let’s start with the beauty Amulette de Cartier collection, which is made up of amulets of great beauty, which convey a sensation of lightness and freshness; achieving that the contrast of the materials used in these designs is combined very well with the simplicity and elegance of the curved lines of its basic forms, which present a special shine provided by the set of natural stones of beautiful colors.

Other collections that are an example of minimalism in jewelry, is the «Ice Cube», which presents unique, different, creative forms, but with simplicity, simplicity and a lot of elegance, renewing its designs with that modern, urban and contemporary touch that makes jewelry shine with a refreshing style. This collection based on the emblematic cubes, which can be worn alone or layered, are part of a set of urban jewelery with minimalist elegance, which make a variety of outfits shine, from the most casual to the most formal and luxurious.

Victoire de Castellane: it is another famous jewelry brand, which has sought the essence of its collections in minimalism, reinterpreting and designing the star «Monsieur Dior’s talisman» which has the shape of a compass rose, in order to form an eight-pointed star .

The above jewelry designs are an example of the rise of a trend, which in recent years is here to stay, to counteract the exaggeration and the maxi jewelry that have been taking hold in the complex world of fashion. This is how, leaving aside the exuberant and striking XXL jewelry, minimalism has emerged in jewelry, to offer something totally different, where simplicity, elegance and delicacy are the basis of the designs of famous brands of jewels.

In this sense, minimalism comes to represent more than a trend or style in clothing, jewelry, decoration, etc., to represent a lifestyle of many people, who have chosen to assume simpler lives in the midst of troubled modern world.

Therefore, this artistic current focuses on simple, sober and elegant design, and jewelry makes use of these minimalist characteristics and principles to create jewelry with geometric shapes or some well-known symbols, such as circles, crescents, the infinity, yin and yang, arrows, hearts, etc., using predominant colors such as copper, silver or gold. In this sense, we are going to describe some models of minimalist earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings.

minimalist earrings: The designs of these earrings can vary, but those made in the form of circles that make them look elegant and delicate stand out, in addition, designs with other geometric shapes are usually used, such as triangles, rectangles, hexagons, etc., always maintaining simplicity and the principle less is more. In addition, metals such as pure or plated gold, silver, copper or quality metal alloys are used.

Other forms that give life to the designs and that preserve the simplicity of the minimalist earrings are the half moon, the symbol of infinity, the yin and yang, the arrows, hearts, rings, etc., which can be combined with some small detail in neutral colors.

minimalist bracelets: In this type of jewelry, “less is more” also prevails, with fairly simple designs, such as these gold foil bracelets, available in different colors, or in silk and gold thread.

minimalist pendants: the designs of the minimalist pendants or necklaces must remain simple and look elegant, so it is customary to use metals of pure colors, with inconspicuous decorations and in subdued colors, which make the designs look classic and neat, without unnecessary exaggeration .

minimalist rings: these designs are based on the use of metals such as plated gold or silver, accompanied by small stones in subdued colors; which provides sobriety and beauty to the jewel; for example, who would not like to wear a very fine white gold solitaire with a small diamond. And remember, it’s all a matter of attitude, of knowing how to combine the jewelry with the outfit, the shoes, the makeup and the hairstyle, in this way you can look splendid wherever you go.